Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1501 12 August 2007
Location Bandipur bazaar/bizarre start Hares Yogi, Rubber Legs, Anil, Apple, Mukunda
Hashers 49 Hashit Rubber Legs
Trash Keeled Trashflash Towed and Towed Under
Remarkables leavers: Towed, Towed Under, Custard Tart, Monireh, Aki's Japs, Adrian, Alice, Leya
The Pictures The Trash

The off down the Tundikhel

Wah! Hose me down Doggy!

The Hares

Towed receives the honour of down-downing with the GM

I declare the Hashit to Rubberlegs

The tone for the fourth series of 500 runs of the Himalayan Hash was set with another example of gross mismanagement and a run that tested the stamina of all except Doggy Style — that front-running bastard who was persistently seen heading off into the far beyond and running up hills! What was supposed to be a gentle one-hour Sunday run starting at 10 am turned into a two hour long endurance test run in sweltering humidity that started at 11 am!

It was the day after the HHHH’s auspicious 1500th run at Bandipur. The pack gathered by the Bandipur Mountain Resort looking a bit bleary eyed just before 10 am hoping for an easy run. The minutes passed by and there was still no sign of the hares. After a while we learnt that they were claiming that it was supposed to start at 11 am. Nobody believed this and we subsequently found that the hares had got hopelessly lost and at one stage had had to physically restrain a stoned Rubber Legs from setting an even more arduous ballbreaker than the one we got. It had taken from 6 am to 10 am to set the run. This did not bode well!

The pack made their way over to Bandipur bazaar to find the five hares tucking into their breakfasts and looking a bit sheepish. Twenty minutes later the run finally got going. It was another hot and humid day that made the going tough.

I haven’t a clue where most of this run went but can recall that the first paper led along the bazaar to the west and then headed up below the Teen Dhara hill that the leaflet ‘Exciting, Beautiful and Surprising Bandipur’ says can be climbed in “20 minutes of easy and gentle climbing”. The top of this hill had been the final holding check of run 1500 the day before and had repulsed and exhausted Towed and Laos Lover who had turned back half-way up. (I thought I would mention this here just in case Towed forgets to mention it in his write-up of Hash 1500).

The paper contoured back along the mid-point of the hill before heading off to the southeast with lots of ups and downs. It was around here that Rubber Legs had darted off uphill setting the trail amongst some precipitous undergrowth. Keeled and Raj tried it out before meeting a definitive false trail cross a way up the hill.

Many of the checks were by pipal tree chautaras and the paths were very slippery from the frequent showers. This did not prevent the Hash Scholars from scooting off downhill on paper past everyone else without a care in the world.

The run was being filmed to produce the second-ever hash video (the first dates from 1983/4). At one stage Keeled was puffing and panting up yet another uphill stretch when he noticed that he was being filmed. He told the cameraman to scrub that section, walked back, and then ran back effortlessly and elegantly up the same stretch. We eagerly await the finished film that I hope is sensitively edited.

The final check was at the silk farm where everyone got a welcome breather before the last 20 minute push up to the bazaar and on to the Bandipur Mountain Resort for the circle.

Notable down-downs went to Towed for leaving and to Mukunda, Mrs Mukunda and Mrs Mohammed for dressing fashionably. Mukunda was immaculately turned out in a pressed and starched white daura surwal.

Rubber Legs inevitably got the Hashit bringing an end to another eventful hash weekend. Where will we all be for Run 2000?

Everyone greatly appreciated the efforts put in by the GM, Doggy Style and the Gee Ms for organising the weekend. A thousand thanks to them for all their hard work. On-on!

for organising the weekend. A thousand thanks to them for all their hard work. On-on!