Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1505 8 September 2007
Location North of Dhapasi Hares Dingaling and Aidan
Hashers 29 Hashit Rubberlegs
Trash Howe's That! and Keeled Over Trashflash Shobha and Great Expectations
Remarkables virgins: Yamuna Simkhada, Jyoti Giri, Purushottam Dhungel newcomers: Peter Olsen returnees: Itchy Balls visitors: Anne 'Great Expectations' Heath leavers: Anne and potentially Victim
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Social drinking

The hares

Howzat Junior

Great Expectations and her benefactor

What is Spiderwoman doing?

A reduced number of hashers assembled on the banks of the Bishnumati river and waited patently for KO to collect the hash fees and sell off the last remaining Hash 1500 t-shirts. After detailed instructions from Dingaling and his ‘mate from down under’ Aidan, the runners headed off following paper.

The paper used was in stark contrast to the previous week’s. It had come in long straggly strips patiently cut from sheets of A4 paper supplied by Victim to his poor driver Hari. This week’s paper was in US Embassy powder form and many comments were made about it and the obvious high tech involved in its preparation. The runners headed off hared by Dingaling. The small select group of walkers were hared by ‘the mate from down under’ and shepherded by the ever young and fit Itchy Balls, back for another month’s stint in Nepal teaching Tamang ladies how to crochet beer holders.

A very pleasant, varied two hour walk was enjoyed by all. Along the way a few streams were crossed, smelly pig farms by-passed, muddy landslides overcome and a few not too challenging hills climbed (although Itchy B.was moaning a bit and had to be waited for on more than one occasion). The route went along the east side of the river, crossed over and then returned to the on-in.

The run also headed out along the Bishnumati, by-passing that well-known hash landmark Peter’s Pimple before picking its way along narrow pathways through the rice fields to a mud-patch. From here the trail headed up above Chandeshwarigaun to the first holding at a Tamang burial ground and then up above into the pine forests below Dadagaun to a classic holding check with great views over the Kathmandu Valley. The paper out of the holding check led the pack on a long pleasant run west along a contouring track through the forest before it dropped back down to the rice fields. Most runners short-circuited the last section and headed hungrily back to the beer on the outward paper.

The intrepid KO was the first runner to appear [are you sure?] about 10 minutes after the walkers, closely followed by the hash scholars. There was some concern about the whereabouts of the GMiss and Dingaling, but eventually they both appeared and the GMiss did a good job of recovering and getting the circle started (plus handing out her delicious chocolate cake).

The usual down–downs were given and the GMiss was helped out [hindered?] for a bit in the circle by Trouble. One particular visitor (Anne 'Great Expectations') from Salisbury, England, and on her way to Pokhara, had a number of down-downs and for some unknown reason kept changing and reversing her hash tee-shirt. She had brought along a gift of a green Wilton Hash sweatshirt expecting a free H4 t-shirt in return. The parsimonious Himalayan Hash, every mindful of not frittering away the ex-GM’s Retirement Fund, has a policy against handing out free t-shirts willy-nilly. Indeed the last time this happened was when one was given to Yogi Hare on his supposed last hash in September 2006 only to see him return a few month’s later proudly wearing his new t-shirt. Aidan stepped in and like a true gent bought one for Anne.

A score of 9.9 was awarded to what was a pretty good run and certainly a great improvement on DL’s previous effort.

Victim, who is leaving Nepal soon, claimed to have completed 65 hashes in his time here – He must be mistaken and one can only assume he meant that he is 65 years old. [This is a test to see if anybody actually reads this drivel. If you are reading this please give Keeled Over a down-down in the next circle to confirm: OK!].

Finally, it was commented on that the hash in recent weeks has been moving along in a very civilised, efficient, organised and timely manner. In light of this the hash ‘inner council’ after a recent ‘high level’ meeting is requesting ex-commandante Rotter to please come back from exile and get things ‘back to normal’, especially, since Itchy B. is volunteering to fill in as acting ex-GM.

On-on, Howsat