Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1506 15 September 2007
Location Godavari pines Hares Gee Ms, Shasa, Aidan, Krisha
Hashers 37 Hashit Itchy Balls
Trash Howzat and Keeled Trashflash Shasha
Remarkables virgins: Elyse, Shrinkala, Gillian, Arun, Arina, Umesh returnees: Prajwol, Laura, Carla,visitors: Holger, Barbie from Bali leavers: Victim
The Pictures The Trash

Beer or softs?

3 of the hares in a pastoral setting

The virgins

Visitors Holger and Barbie

Nice looking on both sides

65 today!

Fags and booze

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The on-in was the familiar site by the Pine trees near Godavari Resort. Many well known and famous hashers have used this site in the past: Over-Exposed and Itchy B. come to mind. They had both provided post-hash poolside parties in the Hotel; but nothing so extravagant this time with only the prospect of a normal circle at the end of the day.

The hares were the GMiss, Aidan, Shasha and Krisha, and after the customary instructions to the newcomers, with scribe Erina from ECS magazine frantically taking notes, the runners and walkers headed off in the same direction off to the south up the valley. The runners and walkers met at various stages during the afternoon and shortly into the hash the walkers were treated to a tremendous hash crash by one of the runners, namely Melissa. She was seen to topple in slow motion head-first down 3-4 metres into a rice paddy and remained stationary to the concern of those watching. However, a quick hug and a big lick from her companion and their large purple dog (breed unknown) respectively, and she was back up chasing the pack.

The walkers headed onwards and upwards bypassing an orchid farm according to the hare, before eventually coming to a dead end and having to find an alternative route higher up the hillside. Fortunately, Victim took command and led the way up to the main road via a steep climb. Thankfully this put a stop to Itchy Ball’s attempt to impress everyone with his singing abilities.

Runners and walkers met at the large Buddha Stupa after a 134 step climb for a joint photograph before separating to head back to the on-in. It was obvious that a few of the runners knew this terrain quite well, as a few short cuts were taken, with Apple surprisingly leading at various stages.

On the run, the pack took a while to find the paper from Check 1 as it deviously headed straight down along narrow paths through the ripening rice rather than taking the obvious left or right turns. From here the route took a long loop into the Badikhel valley followed by a long-long slog along the track below the hill before finally taking the 134 steps up to the Buddha. At places the paper was a little erratic with none whatsoever for 100m and then three lumps within the next 20m. Perchance, it looked as if it could have been laid from a moving vehicle?

Doggy Style, Raj, Keeled, the Hash Scholars and visitor Barbie from the Bali Hash led the way from time to time.

From the stupa the paper headed around to the main road with a rather bizarre beer stop outside the brewery. From here Keeled made a serious short cut round by the botanic gardens; but his nose was right and five minutes later he joined back up with the pack for the jog back home along the road and then off left through the fields back to the on-in.

Most of the runners made it back before the walkers, although a few stragglers came in later. A good two hour walk/run was enjoyed by all and the circle thanked the hares for arranging a rainless afternoon. As usual 9.99 was awarded, down-downs given and snacks consumed.

The extraordinary items of interest in the circle were:

a masterful rendition of a French-Canadian popular/unpopular operatic/ folk/classical/who-knows-what song by Itchy B. which commanded complete silence during its performance, and received thunderous applause at its conclusion;
the presentation by KO of a special hash T-shirt to Victim marking his 65th hash run/walk and his departure for Gaborone after a couple of years as a regular Himalayan Hasher.

Ex-GM please come back, Victim had to design and purchase his own sweatshirt – what is the hash mismanagement coming 2.

n and purchase his own sweatshirt – what is the hash mismanagement coming 2.