Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1507 22 September 2007
Off up the stream after Check 2
A one in the hole
Location Chapali, southeast of Budhanilkantha Hares Shobha, Trouble, Pseudo Hare, Krisha
Hashers 34 Hashit Hole in One
Trash Howe's That! Trashflash Mark Jeunnette
Remarkables virgins: Mark, Noroiki, Kajuko, Mahan newcomers: Ryan returnees: GnHasher leavers: Itchy
The Pictures The Trash

Approaching Holding Check 3

On-down - steeper than it looks!


through the ripening rice

The second holding check

Spiderwoman struggles on on paper

The hares

The hostess

The Hole-in-One Hashit

Hash 1507 afterwards at 1905 at 1800 hrs

Did anyone notice that the turn off the main road to the on-on site was only 4.5 kilometres from the ring road at the Park Village hotel and not 6.5 as indicated?. Hash mismanagement again – this never happened with the Ex-GM. [ed.: Absolute rot! This is the continuation of a long tradition of setting challenging instructions to get to the hash with on one occasion the map and the instructions pointing to a completely different place]. However, most people seemed to get to the very muddy, wet and low lying on-on site, which was to cause much trouble later in the day.

At the initial circle the usual instructions were given and it was decided to have a few drinks/snacks after the run before conducting the circle at the more salubrious location of the 1905 restaurant in town. The walkers wandered off in the company of Shobha and Krisha and the runners were ably led by the Pseudo Hare and Trouble and. The walk consisted of a gentle sweep of the hillside, a forced march straight up led by Itchy B, a breather at the top and a slow and steady meander down and back to the on-in.

En-route the progress of the runners was monitored from this lofty perch and at one stage it was noted that KO was totally lost and that Dingaling had not followed paper and climbed the hill to meet the walkers. He was immediately rebuffed and redirected downwards to the pack.

On the downward slope a group of locals joined the walkers. Maybe they were concerned about the safety of a few of the more elder statesmen in the group and they did provide some defence when the group was abused by a group of raksi-powered youths. Good views and a great tour guide with the hare pointing out all the local landmarks.

The run was marked by some treacherous downhill sections that would have proved fatal for any hash crashers ... of which there were fortunately none. All the runners survived the circuit round and over the Bade Pakha pine forest ridge that runs south off Shivapuri. It was a really good route with the steep downhills and a section along an overgrown stream. The run was so well planned that even Keeled lost track of where he was and was surprised to find himself on the top of the pine-clad ridge at the last holding. A good all round Hash run that tested the metal of the pack to a reasonable degree. However, these hares have still to learn a little about paper laying. Paper is supposed to be at roughly 10m and not 80m intervals!

One quirk of the run was how the runners and the walkers were kept apart at the first holding check! Why?

The walkers made it back first and after a short time a few chariots headed off to town. The rest didn't !! Was Raj (aka Hole-in-One) trying to take a short cut?  Did he think his car could ‘drive on liquid mud? What was he thinking? I guess we will never know. But he did a great job of almost submerging his great heavy jeep in the muddy swamp. The photographs tell the tale and everyone privately thought that that was that — the car was gone forever.

However, Vanecock came to the rescue. This veteran hasher, who it is rumoured to have crossed many deserts and dug many cars out of the sand, took command. With the aid of a few shovels, a flimsy wire rope, stones carried from immense distances by, much digging, and tremendous driving skills by Shyam (Vanecock’s driver), the ‘lost vehicle’ was pulled from its muddy grave just before darkness arrived.

At the 1905 Restaurant , a score of 1905 was awarded for the run and a quick circle was run by the GMiss. The aroma of BBQ chicken and kebabs no doubt speeded her along. All the usual down–downs were given and a delicious BBQ was provided by Shobha and her staff. Hopefully, the Ex-GM reads this trash and realises that he missed a great BBQ. There was a rumour that he was considering a comeback soon – watch this space.

A great big thank you to Shobha for the evening at 1905 – thoroughly enjoyed by all.