Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1517 1 December 2007
Location Suntakhan, north of Gokarna Hares Rubberlegs, Yogi Hare, Sangita, Kumar
Hashers 53 of whom 20 drank beer Hashit Jimmi
Trash Keeled Over Trashflash Rotter, GeeMizz
Remarkables virgins: Kumar Lama, Naradev Pandey, Gaurab Upadyaya, Indiver Badal, Alice Ning, Mareike Hanstede, Stephanie Shellenberg, Tessa v. Leipzig, Coriene Verlaan, Jelmer De Jong, Pien Unaap, Esther Van Hogenhuizen returnees: Helle, Victor, Vincent visitors: David Green leavers: Jimmi . . . again
The Pictures The Trash

Keeled enjoys the Chang Check

Hares Rubberlegs, Yogi Hare, Sangita, and Kumar

Virgins Jan, Tessa, Stephanie, and Indiver

Virgins Mareike, Esther, Corine, Alice, and Jelmer

Ilisabete applauds Dad's new-shoe performance

Dingaling cracks the technique for awarding a down-down for inappropriate footwear

OK Frazer, it's Rs 250 for you next week

Birthday pair

Will we ever trust Yogi again? At the start he whispered to this gullible scribe that the route taken by today’s hash was different to his usual style … and so it proved … for the first 200m … where it headed off in the opposite direction to the looming steepness of the Shivapuri massif that all of Yogi’s hashes inevitably end up scaling! And then we came to a paper cross (what a false trail from the on-in-on, you may well comment!!!), and the pack did an about-face and headed north on paper that eventually and inevitably took the steepest and most gruelling route up the slopes of Shivapuri. And he didn’t even get the Hashit.

The Hashit instead went to The He-Bitch-cum-Pseudo Hare for exploiting his volunteers. As head of the Nepal chapter of some dodgy Dutch organisation, he had convinced his charges into coming to the hash during a drunken exchange in a Thamel fleapit the night before. He had told them that the Himalayan hash was a cultural experience not to be missed.

And so it proved with the ExGM in good form and new shoe down-downs and the first every down-down in a flip-flop being dished out.

The He-Bitch also showed a frank disregard for the welfare of his willing virgins by commenting, whilst drinking some filthy water (non-boiled and filtered) on the way, that he was flying home the next day and would soon be in the vicinity of a decent hospital!

The route taken by what was a great hash led up to a chang stop in the top-most Tamang settlement below Tadhe Bir (the Far Cliff) with great views over the Kathmandu Valley prefaced by a couple of steepish ascents. Then it contoured round to the west along the Shivapuri ring road and returned down a pine-tree clad ridge.

It was good to see so many gals joining in the run. Keep it up!

See you next week at Chhampi. On-on!

o many gals joining in the run. Keep it up!

See you next week at Chhampi. On-on!