Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1518 8 December 2007
Location Chhampi Hares Filipo, Illisabette, Chimp, Brett, White Fang
Hashers 41 Hashit Keeled Over
Trash KL Trashflash Mark Jeunette
Remarkables virgins: Ankit, Sumit, Manish, Sonu, Ashish, Kaushal, and Abhijit AGRAWAL returnees: Little Willy, Margot, White Fang, Farooq, Joyce, Isabelle and Tea Cosy visitors: Matthew Bement leavers: Dingaling, Alice
The Pictures The Trash

Above: Approved suppliers of sanitary ware and carparts to the Himalayan Hash

The hares sup it down

The returnees - including the astonished Tea Cosy

The Gee Ms shows a leg


Post-down-down backwash

For baring her midriff on a cold day

The dog incident?

More of the Gee Ms's leg

Spiderwomen serenades the Agrawal virgins

What is a CAPFER?

The hardest part was in the arriving as Rotter’s Google co-ordinates put me ½ way up Everest, Amanda and Jenny’s taxis refused to complete the trip (leaving them to hitch a lift), and Keeled was tearing his hair out because GMiz and the cash sheet were held up by a bus (personally I was more worried about the beer).

Eventually circle was called and the hares (all 5 of them – some people will do anything for a freebie) declared 7 checks (one circle) and one (or two) holds and no marked false trails.

First check [KL: have you got something against the definite article or what? I find it quite useful myself, especially in front of nouns!] was soon reached and all ways appeared to be down. A false to the left and it was down right, led by Dingaling. Second check was reached at the end of an irrigation wall and hashers were checking forward and down, except for a wily few who noted that one of the hares was still at the back. Sure enough trail was back along the irrigation trench and finally turned down to the Bagmati with a scrambly descent, enlivened by virgin Anup who got 7.5/10 for a swan-like slide down the muddy bank.

We then went up and down the bank like a fiddler's elbow, sometimes on and some times off paper. “I don’t know why they are calling up there” said hare Chimp, “there shouldn’t be paper". But there was and it was along the terrace and down the paddies to finally cross the river on a suspension bridge, with terrible harmonics – it was always going up as I was going down - to a hold check on the far side.

A good long false to the left caught out most of the pack, but Dingaling found paper which actually climbed up to a dirt road. A long run along the road, except for GMiz and Jenny, who were noticed discussing the ‘benefits of conferences’. I thought that this should have been a very short conversation, but they managed to stretch it out.

Eventually we turned down to recross the river on a long and high suspension bridge with great views up/down the river. Halfway across I heard the front runners checking on the far side. A horrible thought hit me, was it a back check up the hill, should I go forward and check, should I go back, or should I just give in and jump off?

Sure enough it was back and up, passing a grinning hare. Mercifully the trail went left and flat. At one point there was a check on the road but there appeared no way to go but straight on. Finally we could see the front runners turning down towards the river and also see Keeled, with about 5 virgins in tow, shortcutting the corner (You will never get to heaven that way!). Down on the bottom road and still we went south through a village to a hold check, by the time the back markers got there the pack was long gone, turning down again to the river, reaching it through a short steep gulley.

Some hardy souls waded the river, which seemed a bit silly given that there was a bridge 100m to the right, but ‘if you’ve half a mind to join the Hash, that’s all you need.’

At this point I dropped behind as I stayed to watch the saga of Diku, Shoba's dog, who would not follow me over the bridge and was too scared to try the river crossing. Eventually, after a construction worker tried to carry it across, it fled rapidly back up the gully, later followed by Trouble in hot pursuit, which was just as well as when the dog reached the village it was captured and tied up by a villager who was sharpening the carving knife when Trouble got there. Shoba meanwhile was having a nice relaxed walk.

Trail meanwhile climbed the river bank, crossed over the out trail and returned to the cars – a respectable 7+ km in 1.5 hours. Checks worked well, specially the bridge back check and a good mixture of short climbs and flatish running sections – my type of run.

What is a CAPFER? It is a Chimp and Phillipo Figure of Eight Run – you did notice that we crossed over trail didn’t you?

GMiz quickly called the circle to order - either we were running out of beer or she had a hot date - and the hares, Chimp, Phillipo, Illisabette, Brett and White Fang were awarded a number somewhere between 1 and 10 or was it an A? [ed. I recall it was an 8]. Then Amanda, Jenny and Trouble got theirs  for something or other and then the 7 Agrawal virgins were called up. All it appeared were brought by ‘that guy’ and seemed to have a good lock on the Kathmandu Chamber of Commerce, bathrooms, cars, garments, textiles, etc. They also decided to give a dance for there beer (in lieu of 250 Rupees) and were joined by Spiderwoman who showed them how to do it.

Amanda got a second down down for a double wanker (I understand that this fine is to be suspended as winter is also a’comin. Returnees, (White Fang got a Hot Flush because of a Little Willie and had to use a Tea Cozy?) were welcomed back and then the main protagonists in the saga of Diku (Trouble and Shoba) got a well deserved down down, and KL was also very unfairly punished for trying to help. James, Alice and Sasha were also punished but I am not sure why.

Leavers Dingaling and Alice were farewelled and Anup got his come uppance for his come downance on his Hash Slide.

Finally GMiz got a down-down for her sexy attire, and speaking of sexy attire, Keeled got [the!] Hashshit for his modernistic odd-colored socks.

">Keeled got [the!] Hashshit for his modernistic odd-colored socks.