Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1519 16 December 2007
Location Northwest of Tokha Hares KL, Kiwifukarewe, White Fang
Hashers 45 Hashit The Gee Ms
Trash Howe's That Trashflash Esther
Remarkables virgins: Kiyohoto Takahashi, Pratik Jalan, Rohit Agrawal, Mahesh Agrawal, Gordana Obradovic, Tim Symonds, Lesley Abdela
The Pictures The Trash

The hares had us stumped when they asked us to guess their average or combined ages (whichever comes first)

Virgins all


Tea drinkers

The shy virgin

He wishes to remain anonymous

Exemplary elbow action

Next week's hares

God bless her for forgetting to bring the hash mugs and the hashit

The chariots journied through the arch and down the hill to the dried up river bed, to be met by a smiling trio of KL, Brett the Kiwi and White Fang, surrounded by a few keen hashers. If the previous week’s hash was anything to go by, we could expect another highly complicated, impeccably-organised hash — and this was reinforced by the satisfied smile on Brett’s face. But maybe KL would add a ‘little simplicity’ to the day — only time would tell.

It was looking like a low turn out, but as for previous weeks a great crowd of hashers arrived at the last minute and the ever-keen KO quickly relieved them of there monies before the introductory circle. A total of ten checks with three holding checks at 3, 6 and one other (somewhere between 7 and 10!) were announced.

So off went the walkers with White Fang, and the runners eagerly scampered off in search of the false trails, which similar to last week were marked with invisible paper. Brett trudged along behind, gathering up and encouraging the ‘slow coaches’ from the new band of  entrepreneurial Garment and Car Part Merchants, who are still getting used to the blistering pace set by old hashers like ‘Trouble’ and his fellows. Good to see this new batch of local recruits, but visits to tea shops on the trail must be discouraged by the hash mismanagement team. The Ex-GM was absent on the day; his gentle persuasive qualities may be required here.

The trail headed north from the On-On and then right up to the first holding check. The energetic and fit hashers were keen to get going, but others like Apple (recovering from a bout of illness — good to see him hitting the trail again) and (‘you know who’ - not to be named) were content to sit and enjoy the sun, as Brett continued to cajole the slowest of the ‘entrepreneurs[ed. now there’s a good hash name for this lot!] up the hill.

At holding check six, which had a great view over the valley, the pack was met by KL who had taken a short cut — and he then took the pack to the on- in. The last view back along the trail was of a few ‘entrepreneurs’ frantically running in circles to the despair of the hare. On and up, through the pine trees, down a few steep slopes and back to the river at the On–In.

The runners arrived back before the walkers, and some concern was expressed for a few late-returning walkers. Apparently, Vanecock, who is well know for rescuing hash chariots that become ‘stuck in the mud’ (see hash number 1507), had to come to the aid of one of the newcomers who found the going a bit much. Overall a good hash with a good mixture of ‘confusion’ and ‘good old up and down the hill stuff’.

At the circle a new innovation was tried out — using the sawn-off bottom and top halves of plastic water bottles (see photos). Has the Hash finally fallen on hard times and all the metal cups been sold off to pay the debts? Or was it just a simple case of someone forgetting to bring them [Yes — that’s why the Gee Ms got the Hashit!].

However, the innovation worked well, except for KL who insisted in pouring into the top half of the plastic bottle without the bottle cap screwed on. Only after exhaustive explanations from fellow hashers, did he finally grasp the need for the cap to be in place — a true engineer!

The usual welcomes, goodbyes, crashers and late comers, etc. were accounted for by the GMiss as the sun disappeared behind the surrounding hills, and then most folk headed home (all except for the Entrepreneurs who wandered off and started their own private party on the other side of the river).

s">Entrepreneurs who wandered off and started their own private party on the other side of the river).