Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1521 29 December 2007
Location Keeled Kottage, Dholahiti Hares Doggy Style with Hurry Krishna, Tibetgal and Shobha
Hashers 33 Hashit Yogi Hare
Trash Howzat Trashflash Keeled and Doggy Style
Remarkables virgins: were there any?returnees: The Fox, Kruel, Norbert, Sangita Gurung, Every Reddy visitors: Balbir Tikari leavers: yes
The Pictures The Trash

Welcome back!

Visitor Balbir

The hosts of the impromptu barbeque

What was this for?

Spot the resemblance?

Dog and bone

Hey, thanks for the lousy T-shirt

Doggy bag

Roasting his sausage

Doggy Style Saves the Day

www.last_minute.com could be the new unofficial name for the HHHH. By all accounts there have been a few near misses in the past, but last Saturday’s must have been the closest. The hash was cancelled due to lack of interest at 9am, but by 10 am it was on again due to the ‘dogged’ determination of Doggy Style who stepped in at the last minute offering to set a live run.

The introductory circle was held in the front garden of KO’s house with Father Bill (the Fox) being ‘spirited’ in from Jhapa to conduct the introductions.

A fit-looking and enthusiastic DS was given a large bag of hash paper and off he went with a 3 hour start. He was adamant that 3 minutes would be enough and suspicions were immediately raised about how the trail would be laid. The walkers were taken off by Doma and Shobha on a ‘mystery walk’ as they freely admitted that they had no idea where they were going. [Maybe Doma and Shobha could add a few comments on their walk?]

The route headed south before looping back and following the Nakhu river, and as was expected, the runners ended up in a number of groups of differing sizes, ages, abilities, etc. — splitting up and spending the afternoon in utter confusion walking and running (forwards and backwards), asking directions (to which the answer was always yes and keep going straight on). The groups constantly met and compared notes before the KL/Bret group (total approximate age of 1350 years – whoops one zero to many) headed home to the on–in, only to find KO (still moaning about a sore ankle) already sampling the snacks.

A fit and dedicated bunch (this scribe included), with Raj up front leading, kept on the trail as best as possible and eventually spotted the hare looping out along the Nakhu river and heading back to the on–in. At this point Trouble perked up and charged off in pursuit of the hare shouting “let’s catch the hare”. Did he ever catch up?

There had been no sign of Hurry Krishna and it is quite possible that he had spent the afternoon slowly walking from the on–in out to meet the hare whilst laying paper at the same time!

The run was given a score of 3.33 and all the usual business (the circle being very well conducted by the Fox in the absence of the ExGM and the GMiss) was attended to before a very nice impromptu BBQ was given by KO and Rani. So thanks to Rani and the staff of the Keeled Kitchen (and Ever Reddy's driver) and all those who brought comestibles for the BBQ.

nd Ever Reddy's driver) and all those who brought comestibles for the BBQ.