Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1523 12 January 2008
Location Bhimdunga Banjyang Hares Kruel
Hashers 37 Hashit Apple
Trash KL Trashflash Mark
Remarkables virgins: Chris Binon, Kamal Prajapati, Utsab Thapa returnees:Teng Ma, Jimmi leavers: Trailer Trash
The Pictures The Trash

This is the only shot I could find of the Hare (on the left) - GM

Virgins Kamal, Utsab, and Chris

Returnee Jimmi

The Scholars being trained for the switchover to beer, which can't be long now

Leaver Trailer Trash

Bryan and Chris for doing something

Hashit? ME!!!

OK, pack, keep your distance

Another Duke of York run

“The Grand old Duke of York
He had ten thousand men
He marched them up to the top of a hill
And he marched them down again.
And when they were up they were up
And when they were down they were down
And when they were only half way up they were neither up nor down”
(Probably at a hold check looking at the view).

This was a pretty run – some parts pretty awful, but the majority of the run awfully pretty. But I digress...

First the directions appeared to be measured in miles not kilometers, then there was the paper strewn up the wrong road -‘It was the wind’, said the hare but judging by the standard of false trails on the run one wonders. Those hashers who went to a similar run here a few months ago had no problem but then there were a few who went wrong despite (or maybe because of) the fact that He Bitch went back to direct them to the correct road.

Keeled was tearing his hare out because Vane Cock was late with the cash table and book (not to mention the beer) - Vane Cock swore he was going slowly so as not to shake up the beer.

In the absence of exGM , GMiz called the circle to order at Kathmandu Valley’s most windy spot and Hare Kruel muttered about 8 checks 3 holds – ‘sounds reasonable’, thought I, ‘especially the hold at checks 7 and 8’. He then declared he was too tired to go round again and he would take the walkers and told us to wait at each hold until 21 hashers arrived – ‘that will be a first’, said Howzat.

The run started down the road we came in on and then almost immediately went, Yogi style, up… and up… and up. The first check was so obvious that most of us didn’t even notice it, except He Bitch, who (hopefully perhaps) checked down toward the valley road. Mercifully the climb was interspersed with one hold check with a view and also some intelligent checks to keep the pack together – a nice change: Kiwifukarewe noted that they were the best checks on a run since the last one he set!

The climb was a mixture of road (the same one three times), steep tracks and some flat bits where even the old’uns could break into something resembling a jog.

Check 4 was particularly tricky - according to Keeled the trail actually went through a false trail sign. I found myself way up and right of trail when ‘on on’ was called, luckily a local farmer had seen the front runners across the valley on the road and actually led me down to where they had gone.

The road led to the second hold on a nice grassy strip where we waited and waited for Doggy Style, Sweatilocks  and Adelle. Finally He Bitch was persuaded to go back and look for them and Keeled decided that the hare’s admonition about waiting for twenty one hashers did not apply after 3 p.m. and checked forward and down, followed by some other hopefuls.

Meanwhile GMiz disappeared into the bushes and emerged clutching a soggy piece of paper declaring she had found some run instructions and that the trail went back and up. She then proceeded to pick up paper from the check and stuff it down her shorts – what had she had been eating in the bushes!

Doggy Style  then arrived with a rather disheveled looking Sweatilocks and Adelle, but with no sign of He Bitch – had they been in the bushes as well?

Sure enough trail was up and up across fields to a level track (check 6 but it did not appear to be noticed) and finally up to check 7, hold, at a temple site.
This time it was Trouble who had stopped to go in the bushes, but he soon arrived and we followed an obvious track up hill to a junction with a plethora of paper in two directions. Keeled went right so, naturally, the rest of us went on up. It was only when we reached the top that Howzat deigned to inform us that there was no way around the ridge as he had got stuck there on the last run. Damn!  Keeled was on the correct trail – that must be a first. Back down to the junction and a closer inspection revealed the possibility that the big bunch of paper could be a wind blown cross – a falsie sign before the falsie – another first!

Up through the village, another ‘crossed’ side trail and then to the final hold on top of the ridge. At this point the climb proved almost worth the effort as views to the mountains were superb, especially Lantang’s snow capped cone. Was that speck in the distance Everest? Spider Women thought so?

Then came the awful part of the run – down, steep down, with the ‘old knee brigade’ getting further and further behind, whilst the younger mountain goats at the front skipped down the earth steps.

Finally a welcome contour jog to where a mass of ‘Cs’ (Crappy? Creek? Confused? Cruel?) preceded a sheer mud slide down to a nice waterfall and a muddy scramble up the other side.

A final long run in along the road with the usual trio of Kiwifukarewe, Howzat and KL bringing up the rear with Gmiz and Apple not far ahead. ‘I think the pass is where that group of villagers are’, said Apple. He was correct, but it turned out that the group of villagers were the rest of the pack and the walkers at the, mercifully, new wind sheltered circle site – which made it an A to B run!

The last of us got back in about 2 hours – but a lot of time was spent at the hold checks so time was not too bad. For the record the distance was 8km and the height gained was 375mt.

All in all a well set run, good checks, excellent view points for the hold checks and the climb didn’t seem to bad as it was well broken with checks and flat bits – pity about the down hill at the end (that’s age showing when I complain about the down hill bits!) but the run fully deserved the high score – thanks Kruel.

GMiz quickly brought the circle together and seemed more than her usual distracted self (or was that the paper down her shorts?!). Virgins, Chris Binon, Kamal Prajapati, Utsab Thapa, (when the Belgian showed that they might be able to eat chocolate but they can’t drink beer), returnees (He Bitch and Teng Ma),  and leaver Trailer Trash were duly rewarded. There were a few other down downs but I didn’t pay too much attention as I was too busy eating the excellent Gouda cheese and crusty bread (not to mention the red wine) which He Bitch had brought. However I do remember seeing a strange Nepali mating ritual when Yogi and Sangita  had a free for all beer throwing competition, won convincingly by Sangita  by 5 liters to 3.

Apple was awarded HashShit – I have no idea why.

Apple was awarded HashShit – I have no idea why.