Trashes 1501-1525




1501 12 August 2007

Bandipur Bazaar (hash weekend run 2)
- A long exhausting ball-breaker in very humid conditions set by Yogi and cohorts as an 'easy' Sunday run after the previous day's exertions

1502 18 August 2007 Near Keeled's Kottage, Dholahiti
- The annual Nakhu Khola Monsoon Run with six crossings of an in-spate Nakhu after it had been raining all week. Set by Keeled.
1503 25 August 2007 Victim's Veranda, Jawalakhel
- With the first holding check in the absconding GM's compound to show him how much we love him. From then on the indistinct paper set by Apple and Rubber Legs from Victim's car went holding ponds-university bridge-Chobar Hill-Chobhar bridge and back. Barbie afterwards.
1504 1 September 2007

Sisneri Range Post, beyond Lubhu
- Where the Hash Samurai Squad (Spiderwoman and co.) led the pack around a majestic circuit over the ridge to the Southwest to Bistachhap, through the rice fields, up the pine clad hill, on to Bishanku Narayan and back over the ridge.

1505 8 September 2007 North of Dhapasi
- A welcome trip to the north of the Valley where Dingaling redeemed himself by setting an enjoyable run through the mud and rice fields and up to a great vantage point in the foothills of Shivapuri.
1506 15 September 2007 Godavari pines
- An anti-clockwise circuit set by the Gee Ms and friends through ripening wheat via Badikhel to the Buddha statue and a beer stop outside the brewery.
1507 22 September 2007 Chapali, southeast of Budhanilkantha
- where after a pleasant run around and over the pine-clad ridge that comes off Shivapuri, Raj got bogged down and delayed the holding of the circle at the 1905 restaurant in town.
1508 29 September 2007 The trees opposite St Xaviers School Godavari
- where day-long persisting rain did not deter 23 hard core hashers from following a leech infested trail up to the top of the ridge behind and back down via the musk deer far with its electric fence.
1509 6 October 2007 By Keeled Kottage, Dholahiti
- where most of the runners were absent after doing the NRN half-marathon in the morning and so Keeled set a live hare run via the Dhapakhel rice fields to the Bal Kumari temple and back along the Nakhu. Pathetic turnout of only 9!
1510 13 October 2007 Outside Weatherall's Wigwam, Bhainsepati
- where the promised short run materialised into a two and a half hour ballbreaker round by the Nakhu Khola to above Bungamati and then a long step down through a gully that caused a panic attack and home via Khokana.
1511 20 October 2007

Phuyalgaon, Mulpani
- in which many did not follow the location instructions correctly and Rotter returned to punish them for it. The numbers were swelled by election observers with nothing to do. A good run across the Manohara River flats with excursions amongst the pine ridges to the east.

1512 27 October 2007 Far west of Sitapaila
- in which hare Nice Hash led most runners seriously off-paper, which was picked up again on the huge hill up to the Ramkot phone tower.
1513 3 November 2007

- in which the pack mostly went round on Lao Lover's well trodden paths, and not a lot else happened.

1514 10 November 2007 Gundugaon, Bhaktapur
- a beautiful day, following a very rainy Friday. Doggy Style and the GM were pujaa'd to ensure continuation of the Hash's wealth and happiness for another year.
1515 17 November 2007 Bhagavan Danda Banjhang, twixt Chapagaon and Lele
- in which the GM and Dinaling clique arrived with Maori face painting and performed a Hakka before and, with some difficulty, after the run.
1516 24 November 2007 GeeMizz and Dingaling's Abode, Sanepa
- in which the pack fought through the crowds on Chobar hill who had gathered to celebrate Mangsir Purnai, and Dingaling attempted to confuse everyone with riddles and leap frog.
1517 1 December 2007 Gamcha, north of Gokarna
- a typical Yogi Hare run, with 2 hour duration and a Big Hill. But relief at the top at a Tamang house where millet beer was dispensed to all. Afterwards a good circle with Jimmi's busload of Dutch virgins.
1518 8 December 2007 Chhampi
- a pleasant outing along the Nakhu Khola to the high suspension bridge with a devious backcheck and the circle livened up by 7 Agrawal virgins who specialise in everything from car parts to sanitary ware.
1519 15 December 2007 Tokha
- where experienced hares KL, Kiwf... and White Fang led the hash astray back and up to the foothills of Shivapuri and round about the hills and dales of the great hashing territory to the north of Tokha.
1520 22 December 2007 Weatherall's Wigwam, Bhainsepati
- where the hash split into three groups with much confusion casued by the ultra-fine hash paper and the long length of the run with plaudits to hare Krishna in the circle.
1521 29 December 2007

Keeled Kottage, Dholahiti
- where the run was cancelled due to lack of interest at 9am, shortly after which it was uncancelled, with Doggy Style doing a live hare that pretty much followed the Tuesday run route, after which there was a BBQ and a good time was had by all.

1522 5 January 2008 North of Sankhu
- with the first ever false on-in due to parking problems after the resolution of which Yogi and Rubberlegs' paper led the pack around the slopes to the east of Vajrayogini temple returning via the temple precincts after which two hash experts from Bangkok added verve to the circle.
1523 12 January 2008 Bhimdunga west of Ramkot
- Kruel's paper went up, up and up eventually reaching the radio tower atop 'Dahachok' hill with fantastic views north to the wintry Himal; returning by the west side of the ridge to a circle marked by a domestic fracas.
1524 19 January 2008 Lakure Banjyang School
- a great run more or less along the forested ridge, and then a slippery crawl through barbed jungle to get back to the Onsite.
1525 26 Janurary 2008 Pharping football pitch
-in which the pack gathered in a fierce cold wind, the hares used one holding check twice, with a big loop down past the hydro pond between visits, and the wind and spots of rain made for a speedy circle.