Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1526 2 Feb 2008
Location in front of the old stables, Godavari Hares Spider Woman and Apple
Hashers 29, of whom seven paid for beer Hashit Trouble
Trash KL, in usual vituperative voice Trashflash Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Chris Grocott returnees: Thomas, Alexander, Kaisa, Nonna
The Pictures The Trash

Above: Check 1

Hares Spider Woman and Apple

Virgins Pramud and Chris


For the husband-to-be

The oldest pants ever to make an appearance at the HHHH

Not able to hold a lunch down

Attempt at shared Hashit

A Curate's Egg of a run.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_House_Harriers (emphasis is mine)

"The template for a hash run is for one or more hashers (the "hares") to lay out a running trail, which may include false trails, short cuts and trail breaks. These features are designed to keep the pack together regardless of fitness levels or running speed. The pack or 'hounds' follow the trail from check to check. From a check the pack will normally check out the surrounding terrain to attempt to find the continuation of the trail. A well-laid check will have the effect of allowing slower runners to catch up and rejoin the main pack, while the faster runners try to find the trail again."

First the good parts: The first check was excellent. The false trail caught most of the pack- even the oldies, the false felt like the real trail - over a plank bridge, through some houses and up the hill.

The run down from check two to the Godavari River valley was also good. Not too steep, very runnable for the fleet of foot, The Scholars flew past me with Fraser and Mark close behind. (Nonna called Mark a 'Whippersnapper', excellent Hash name, as is Antique Ass (or more politely Auntie Cass) for Nonna herself!). The run down the valley road to check three was also pleasant, especially as ExGM was noted going up the road instead of down, and the jog across the valley paddies was fine, although a check in the middle to collect the pack would have been useful. The run in was good for the FRBs (Front Running Bastards) giving them a chance to prove their prowess, and for others to jog at a more sensible pace to raise a thirst.

And now the other parts! The climb up to check two, 270 meters, about 1.5 kilometres and no check on the way, was unpleasant - OK for a Saturday hike but not my idea of hashing.

The hold check at check two had about 3 false trails and the actual trail down the ridge had first paper at about 300 meters. I think Jason found it early on but the paper was so far down that no-one heard his OnOn. The idea of false trails at checks is to bring the pack together (see above). The pack is already together at a hold check so difficult false trails only split the pack up again - as happened at check two. Wherethefuckiwi went so far down the false that everyone had left when he got back to the check. By the time he found the real trail he was so far behind that all he could do when he got down to the valley was shortcut home on the road (or at least that's his excuse).

The two checks on the two valley roads were, however, too easy, so that the pack could not regroup until the second hold (check 5).

After my moaning at the top of the first climb hare SpiderWoman advised that I would not like the second climb - she was correct - it was even steeper than the first (another 200 meters up and down) and the descent was steep and slippery - as Fraser found out when he slid down part of it. Even (EVEN . . . . Ha! - GM) the ExGM thought it was tough.

Enough was enough and, worrying that Nonna and Wherethefuckiwi may be lost, I unselfishly declined the second climb in order to find them. The hare kindly indicated that the valley road led back to the minibus station; what she forgot to tell me was that it was Bandegaon bus station, not Godavari!

Climbs up the valley rim to a good hold with a view are part and parcel of H4 runs (although there was no view at the two holds as we were surrounded by trees) but the climbs should be broken up with checks and some level running to make them interesting and easier to the less fit or athletic (See Run 1523 by Kruel for a good example of this).

The FRBs of course thought it was a great run.

The ExGM complained of being shagged out by the second climb so GMizz called the circle to order. Hares Spider Woman and Apple, were awarded a variety of scores ranging from 2 to a bit less than 10 and then Pramud and Chris got their virgin down downs - the way Chris downed his mug showed signs of hashing potential. Thomas and the Scandies also got their reward for returning, and then Trouble was called up for losing his car keys, until they were found in GMizz's pocket - the down down was quickly transferred.

Jimmi and Kim got a well deserved down down for, in Kim's case throwing up before the run, and in Jimmi's case for probably being the cause of it!

Yogi got a down down for getting married and not inviting the Hash - he said he would bring the (lucky?) bride to his run in two weeks - surely he should have checked if she was capable of doing a Yogi run before he got married. The reason for the beer fight a few weeks ago now becomes clear!
Nonna was called up for having antique shorts - hence the hash name - and then proceeded to start sumo wrestling with GMizz in the circle to cries of "Where's the mud when you need it".

At this point the ExGM decided to inject some decorum into the proceedings and took over the circle to award a down down to Gmizz for being a dickhead, to Apple and Thomas for cold weather wankers (despite the fact that the ExGM had been noticed hard at it prior to his taking over) and the Hashit to Trouble for being silly enough to give his keys to GMizz.

The Curates Egg? - see http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/163300.html


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