Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1531 8 March 2008
Location big tree South of Chobar Hares Dingaling
Hashers 35 Hashit Dingaling
Trash Howezat Trashflash Rotter, Tibet Gal
Remarkables virgins: Sudip Kalki, Rishav Koirala newcomers: John Ingram returnees: Gillian, Shayleen, Juliana, Child Killer, Bill Hummer, Amy, Spider Man visitors: Amit Sharma, Abdul Temzi
The Pictures The Trash

Most of the terrain was like this, but the hill on the skyline gives a hint of what is to come

Newcomer John and Visitor Amit the Pilot

Virgin Rishav? and Visitor Abdul the Pilot


Spider Paws

Clever Ties chooses a run without river crossings or mud to bring out his new shoes

Crashers Frazer and the GM

It's that man again

A fairly comfortable run was promised by the hare in response to a few discrete inquiries by Child Killer who was returning back after a few leisurely hashs in the Maldives and was not sure what to expect. Four checks were claimed by hare Dingaling, with holding checks at 1,2 and 4. This sounded reasonable if not a bit short to most hashers looking for an easy afternoon, but to the more experienced hashers it was all a bit to good to be true.

Shoba led off the walkers, and the runners followed paper up to the fourth and ‘final’ check. A few small river crossings were overcome, one or two small villages passed through, some minor hash crashes were noted as the trail headed outwards towards Pharping in the shadow of a rather large and steep hill positioned under a very prominent white house. No one seemed to take notice of this rather large and steep hill except possibly the GM and Jimmi, who disappeared between check 3 and 4 and were not seen again until much later back at the On-In.

However, everyone gathered at check 4 and listened with great anticipation to the further directions given by the hare. At this stage some rather naive hashers maybe assumed the hare had arranged a bus with suitable refreshments, and it would now appear and take everyone back. Experienced hashers probably had noticed the white house and expected the worst, while the wisest of the group had probably already decided it was time to saunter back to the On-In.

Sure enough, two choices were given. Either return directly back to the On-In following the outward paper or climb the steep hill positioned below the white house, finding one's own way to the top and the back to the On-In. Two wise men, Child Killer included, (that's enough of the oxymorons Scribe, or I'll report you to the HWU - GM) and one wise lady immediately headed off back, with the rest of the hashers targeting the white house. Surprisingly enough Hurry Krishna was one of the keener hashers with most others moaning and groaning at the prospect.

It turned out to be a steep, and rather tricky climb but everyone made it without any mishaps and enjoyed the view from the top. The return downward on the far side of the hill was much easier, as paths and tracks were used (instead of what, Scribe - GM) and the outward paper was soon picked up and followed back to the On-In. A good 2.5 hour hash for most, with the runners being well ‘spaced out’ by the experience. The walkers had been back earlier and already had started on the usual tasty snacks provided by Durga and The GMIss.

The circle was mismanaged by the GM and the GMiss and great debate raged about the score for the run. This scribe cannot remember what the final decision was!!!    

about the score for the run. This scribe cannot remember what the final decision was!!!