Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1532 15 March 2008
Location Dharmasthali Hares Hurry Krishna, Rubberlegs annd the Scholars
Hashers 19 Hashit Goatbrain
Trash Chimp Trashflash Cokehead
Remarkables virgins: Dev Mohanty returnees: Leah, Sashwat and Carla
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The lack of chilled beer caused severe difficulties

Looking good

Doggy Style gives Hashit to Drunk Goat

Goat Gets Hashit!

The picturesque On-On site up on the ridge at Dharmasthali, NW of Kathmandu held much promise with a commanding view of adjacent valleys and ridges, ground well suited to Carlsberg and friendly local denizens eager to welcome the intrepid members of the1,532nd Himalayan Hash. Several would-be hashers got lost on the way and were not able to find the On-On, serving to ensure that only the pure of heart and sound of mind would be able to partake of the glorious trail set by hares Hurry Krishna and Rubber Legs. This also explains Kiwifuckawi's absence despite reliance on GPS, while the GM continues his hunger strike due to "quality concerns".

A run with 7 checks was promised, and after a brief welcome to virgin Dev, the runners struck off across the road and down a steep decline, which served to separate the pack considerably, only to reunite for the first holding near a water fountain after a nice stairway climb.

The paper soon led off down the road, the trail bearing the unmistakable marks of its wiley hares with the occasional challenging check point before degenerating into a road race. At a holding near a shop the by-now dehydrated hashers wet their palates with mango nectar procured by Dingaling and He-Bitch, while Doggy Style got in the mood by adopting a puppy.

FRBs were soon detached from the pack by local mischief when shreddie was diverted from the trail up into the forest only to Peter Out shortly after. The reunion at check number 7 involved attempted illicit crop harvesting by GMiss and a comfortable 3-5 minute lead for hare Hurry Krishna as the run went live until the end. Ambiguous administration of shreddie, temporary amnesia and underestimation of the enemies' drive resulted in the hare's tragic capture by Yogi Hare only minutes from the On On.

A circle with a level of discipline recalling Lord of the Flies was had, at which A Goat was repeatedly molested, Cokehead Anna was named and virgin Dev never showed up.

d Anna was named and virgin Dev never showed up.