Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1537 19 April 2008
Location the Big Tree south of Chobar, yet again Hares Comrade Rabid Dog, Pumpha Mizz, and possibly Prachandaling
Hashers 53 Hashit Ties
Trash Comrade Ties Trashflash Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Raj Basyal, Ramesh Byanjankar, Subash Chhetri, Tatine Faylona, Ines Freier, Anish Sharma, Sonu Shrestha newcomers: Adam Kaekin returnees: Gnasher, Jason, Bruce and Maya Pollock, Thomas, Bimal, Ram Krishna, Sanjiv visitors: Mark Aiker
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Strange people, strange growths

Inadequately equipped Hares


Visitor Mark and Newcomer Adam

A load of Hashit

Dear comrades!

How invigorating it is to be here in Nepal! Not often does one feel to be right at the forefront of a revolution! As a visiting Trotskist [ed: do you mean 'Trotskyist' or is this a new kind of hasher who trots along or, as you well know Ties, a hasher with the trots!] it is breathtaking to see the advancement of fellow Communists. That Maoism is a degenerate form of Communism, we will not speak of. I trust you can bend this bent track straight again, for it is of course not only our teachings which are important, but also the twists and turns of the living bodies which take it in. What kind of materialists would we be if we wouldn't allow this dynamic to weave itself into our thoughts! None I say! none! (But still... From the countryside to the city?!?! Paaallllease! Still I understand you're in a bit of a pickle with your proletariat so underdeveloped. I feel your pain comrades!)

In spite of our intellectual differences, we can of course learn from each-other in many a practical area. And I'm not ashamed to say it: In the area of guerrilla-warfare we Trotskists have shamelessly little experience. That the name-bearer of our movement has led the Red army magnificently against the Germans as well as the Whites speaks for naught.

So I was very delighted to receive an invitation from my dear friend Dr. Doggy Ram, with whom I studied international Diplomacy and Handwaving at the Sorbonne in Paris, to attend a 101 training course in rural-imperialist counter-tactics. It was intoxicating to see my old friend being transformed by the passion of the masses into this instrument of providence.

On the walker-leader, Tampa GMizz, I sadly have no opinion, for I was not there to assess her ways, but how big was my disappointment however upon meeting with Dr. Doggy Ram's brother in arms, Prachanda Hare. It is perfectly OK of course to fight for the oppressed. To be their vanguard. To lead them to the promised land. This is what we're all about. It is quite another thing however to lock actual of those individuals into the heart of your party. To give them key-positions and decision-making power; let us say that it is a risk. This Prachanda Hare is obviously one from a peasant upbringing. Not that there's anything wrong with that in theory, but he radiates (and almost flaunts with his) immature class consciousness.

And there's also not much positive to be said for your cadre. For what must be said for this continuous lack of Hash paper. It is my understanding that this paper was just waiting at that bastion of imperialism the American embassy (North American, aka USA. Let us not insult our South American breathren), but that certain elements within your party were just to lazy to pick up the embassy's shredded paper, and after piecing together the strands of those secret (though surely naive and retarded) documents, shred them again and hand them over. If ever there was so easy of an anti-imperialist mission. Light the fire of your cadre's hearts! For the love of Lenin, the power of a people's army isn't counted by numbers alone!

So what were we stuck with? A live Hash. Flour. This is an honest substance to be sure. But fit for it's task? Surely not. And already at the first check this dimwit Prachanda Hare had wasted all the flower entrusted upon him. Surely a contingent of men would under his reign suffer the same fate.

If only that would be the end of it. But the youth's moral fibre clearly shone through here: He was whining about pain in his ankle. A pretext I'm sure. So as to escape into the bosom of comfort again. Ernesto would turn in his grave if he would hear of such a man devoid of knowledge of his plight. Did our beloved Che complain when he and his whole crew, disease ridden and demoralized after months of fruitless guerrilla warfare was shot in the jungle of Bolivia by U.S. trained armed forces?

Luckily we can draw from our resources a man like Dr. Doggy Ram, who took upon his shoulders this burden like it was a single hen's feather. He managed to still show us an original route through (as I've been told) quite familiar terrain. Showing us tactics, so simple in their elegance! Showing us ways in which to use the natural curves of this luscious country so as to maximize our forte and minimize that of our adversaries. Ah! It was like seeing a child at play!

Upon returning to base camp however, again a shock of witnessing your people's immaturity crept along the back of my head. Aside from seeing that cockroach of a Prachanda Hare again, I had to witness the wasted state of your Bihari 'Ultimate' Telecom Technician and his local drinking buddy Ram, high upon the waves of chang that had intoxicated them. Unfortunately their foul stench went deeper. For apparently they had gone round the settlements of the local population and demanded their cooperation in their deranged quest for self-indulgence. If ever there was an argument against foreign mercenaries!

So by surveying your forces at work, I must conclude that: Yes! Sure there is material in your ranks to sweep the feodal, imperialist and capitalist forces that fester in your country upon the dust-heap of history! (my, my, if there ever was a better example of the complex dialectics of geo-political and geo-social forces that affect the development stages of individual countries towards the socialist condition) But please cut out the festering wounds in your own ranks that keep you limping towards victory, while you could be running, nay soaring to meet your goal!

Yours if ever you need me,

Hash stars of valour:

protectors of our beer, past and present: Cocklear, B.U.T.T. and Ram

Virgins: Raj Basyal, Ramesh Byanjakar, Subash Chhetri, Tatine Faylona, Ines Freier, Anish Sharma, Sonu Shrestha

Newcomers: Adam Kaekin

Returnees: Gnasher, Jason, Bruce and Maya Pollock, Thomas, Bimal, Ram Krishna, Sanjiv

Visitors: Mark Aiker

Hashit: Striptease, punished for writing a truth-full Trash for a change. Mark my words: when the revolution comes you all will be first up against the wall!

ull Trash for a change. Mark my words: when the revolution comes you all will be first up against the wall!