Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1538 26 April 2008
Location Matatirtha Temple near Thankot Hares Chimp, KL and Liz
Hashers 40, of whom 16 paid for beer Hashit The Gee Ms
Trash KL Trashflash Shaggy
Remarkables virgins: Jarred Fath, Dennis Franco, Tina Sharma, Lindsay Spainhour newcomers: aa returnees: Jenny 'Sweatylocks' Anderson, Matthew Bement, Ryan Bontrager, Brian Johnson, Amita Kulkarmi, Sarah Levitt-Shore visitors: Laurie Bond, Pete Bond, Kent Dvoracek, Mitsuru Iwasawa
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Made in Seattle, Washington state. The half way point of this American-dominated hash

Mostly American virgins

New shoe wallahs

Visitors from the Saudi Hash and the Tokio Samurai hash

Spreadeagle takes it in the mouth [GM - is this too vulgar?]

More bl***y Americans - the returnees

'John Cena' wins the chugging contest for the Samurai Hash vest

Hash  1538 -- The Fowl Run

As we shuffle around this mortal coil we are occasionally, very occasionally, treated to a perfect day. Well nearly perfect, the beer was not cold enough and the brownies were a bit dry, but otherwise the day was like a sip of ambrosia in a shot glass.

Kalanki was virtually void of traffic, the weather was warm but not too hot, the trail was a delight (and the hares very modest), the pack was large and the circle was artfully conducted in the dulcet tones of GMiz (instead of the raucous tones of GM) [ed: GM what? I'm sure that the crisps contained oil made from genetically modified soya beans!]. What more could a man (or woman) ask for.

The hare declared that there would be three trails, an eagle trail for the fit and headstrong, a slightly shorter chicken trail for the more sane and not so fit, and a walkers trail for the infirm. Ten checks, three holds.

What can one say about the trail except the truth; combine a dash of young exuberance with a soupçon of old wisdom and add a splash of feminine guile, stir together with some fine shredded paper and voila! Perhaps the paper was a bit too shredded - the short but strong typhoon that swept the valley just before the pack arrived did rearrange it somewhat – but hey, it added to the mystique of the run.

First a rolling loop around the bottom of the Dhaksi Khola valley, with a small shortcut for the chicken trail. Just enough that the pack was together again at the check in the quarry, with options right, left and up. At this check Keeled uncharacteristically displayed some creative thinking when he shouted up to one of the walkers, who were already toiling up the hill, if there was any paper. Unfortunately the walker replied in the affirmative and a good false trail was wasted.

The trail wound up to a saddle and a hold check which walkers, chickens and eagles reached about the same time. After a short respite to enjoy the view hare Chimp indicated that the eagle trail went up further. Co-hare KL meanwhile tucked six chicklets under his arm and, accompanied by a young cockerel, disappeared into the jungle down an overgrown trail.

The eagles continued their climb to the top of the hill, with another hold at the old ropeway pylon,  and then down to another saddle and a check, quickly found as the trail followed a stream down into the Ghate valley where the pack were confronted with a steep sided gulley. Most opted to descend it on their backsides, while the more mature found the easy steps to the left of the trail.

Up the other side and soon to the final hold check where, with excellent judgment by the hares, the three packs, walkers, chickens and eagle, met up.  A nice grassy sward provided a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the warmth and the view until, with the sun just dipping behind the mountains, it was time to run in down the valley, with a small detour to slide and scramble up/down another gulley.

GMiz soon brought the circle to order, praised the hares,  and welcomed some virgins, returnees and a leaver (see pictures). Visitors from Saudi Arabia (2) and Japan (Samurai hash) were also given a drink. In return Chimpi from the Samurai Hash presented Gmiz with a Tshirt. As it was a medium size she decided to award it to the winner of a no-hands down down, won by a virgin Marine (a rarity indeed).

Other down downs included Ties for setting a toilet on fire with his explosive emanations, GMiz for failing to reach said toilet in time (or maybe for a hash crash) and then one Hash naming, Striptease for Ties and a re-naming, Spread-eagle for Chimp.

The chickens were unfairly punished for having the sense to take the shorter trail, the Englishmen (Keeled and ring in Spread-eagle) were serenaded by KL for St George’s Day (“I’ll sing you a song and it wont take long, All Pommies are bastards”) – apologies for the Englishwomen who missed out on the down down because of political incorrectness.

Hash Shit was given by acclamation to GMiz for the brown danglers [aka clingons]on the back of her shorts.

To cap it all off there was no traffic at Kalanki on the way back either.

About chicken trails

P.s. As far as I am aware this is the first time that H4 has had a papered shorter chicken trail with checks. This is, however, common practice in many hashes around the world. H4 is of course proud of its macho image as having long hilly tough trails; but not everyone wants or is able to complete these trails -- some are not as fit as others and some of us are not as young as we were. That doesn’t mean that we are ready to join the walking stick brigade – we still like to follow trails and, especially, check out checks. It was significant that last Saturday nearly one third of the pack opted for the chicken trail and, if hares were to lay one regularly then some potential Hashers might come and stay.

Of course setting a chicken trail does need a little more planning than just going out, Keeled style, on the Saturday morning and letting the paper fall where it may [Macho ed: its not just going out -- it's called being on-the-spot creative, although it does help if you know the terrain.]. One needs to actually do a recce or look at the map to plan the trail with an eagle loop but, in my opinion, it is well worth the effort.

ce or look at the map to plan the trail with an eagle loop but, in my opinion, it is well worth the effort.