Trashes 1526-1550




1526 Saturday, 2 Feb 2008 In front of the old stables, Godavari
- A day of cold wind, when Kim arrived at the Onsite and threw up; the hares included two killer hills; and the run was scored at just a bit under ten
1527 Saturday, 9 Feb 2008 Just south-west of Lubhu
- where Keeled repeated the line of Hash 1443 going out along the dry tracks along the wide open fields to the southwest and returning over the hill by the Kirant Temple with a scramble up a steep gully.
1528 Saturday, 16 Feb 2008 Pashupatinath Temple car park
- a 2.5hr Yogi Hare classic: through the temple and forest, across the golf course, along to well beyond the end of the airport runway, and down a precipice of just-bulldozed earth. Finishing with a long slog home
1529 Saturday, 23 Feb 2008 Rotter's Redoubt, Dhobighat
- a run taking in the rubbish deposits at the top end of Chobar Gorge before heading up in Bainsepatti, where the runners were co-opted as background dancers in a Nepali film shoot. Then down east to the Nakhu River, and back in through Kusunti and Ekanta Kuna.
1530 Saturday, 1 Mar 2008 Bahiti by Chhauni
- another inside the Ring Road hash during the fuel shortage which went around Chhauni army camp and on up to Swayambhunath Temple before heading over the Ring Road, up to Raniban Ring Road and back along the ridge through the mad dog village and on back by the Sitapaila road.
1531 Saturday, 8 Mar 2008 Big tree South of Chobar
- in which the Hare only had time to lay half a trail, plus a few random piles scattered about the countryside. The hard part of the run, after paper ran out, was a ferocious ascent to Mr Gurung's hotel that never was
1532 Saturday, 15 Mar 2008 Dharmasthali
- where Hurry Krishna's outwards paper mostly followed the roads northwards up to Check 7 from where a live hare run took the straight way home. This hash will be long remembered for being the first time that a goat got the Hashit!
1533 Saturday 22 Mar 2008 Dhapasi
- where most of the pack managed to follow a meandering paper trail up the valley of the Bishnumati Khola and back around the west side of Tokha on the first 3pm start run of the year with the mercury rising.
1534 Saturday 29 Mar 2008 Bramhakhel School
- where Sweet Cheeks and Shaggy Baba's route led around the sprouting potato fields in the flatlands of the Manohara Khola, up to Changu Narayan and back down and around to the east before a last live dash in as the paper had run out.
1535 Saturday 5 April 08 Southeast of Gokarna forest
- this was the day when the scholars graduated after setting a fantastic 3-hour-long ballbreaker along the tracks of the Manohara Valley and environs.
1536 Saturday 12 April 2008 On the road to Nagarkot
- on Nepali New Year's Eve, with the Maoists winning far more seats than expected in the elections, this Yogi hash followed a twisting clockwise circuit up to the ridge to the north with a rice beer holding check on the way.
1537 Saturday 19 April 2008 Big tree South of Chobar
- in which the Hares started a Live Run but ran out of flour after 15 minutes in an area particularly lacking in flour shops. Sso the Runners had to follow the hares back to the OnSite via the top of Mr Gurung's hotel hill, naturally.
1538 Saturday 26 April 2008 Matatirtha Temple
- where, on a hot and humid day, Chimp led the Eagles up to the jungles and down a slide whilst KL and a few others short-circuited along their Chicken trail
1539 Saturday 3 May 2008 Keeled's Kottage in Dholahiti
- in which the pack followed KO's Route A with minor variations passing over the Raj Khulo pipes and through Bal Mandir temple as usual. KL left and the Trash Writers Union was disbanded. Well, it'd be nice if it really happened.
1540 Saturday 10 May 2008 Bagmati-Nakku Khola confluence, Bagdol
- a great run starting with the crossing of the Nakhu Khola on a small bamboo bridge, then down towards Kokana, and back up by the side of the Bagmati. Rain and hail during the run had submerged the bridge so many had to wade across to get to get back to the beer.
1541 Saturday 17 May 2008 Just South of Lubhu
- where Doggy Style set a live run in which he had no intention of letting the pack get anywhere near him. He did this by forgetting to throw down any paper now and again, and running up steep and long hills much faster than anyone else.
1542 Saturday 24 May 08 East of Bhaktapur on the Nagarkot road
- where the Scholars led the pack on a 2 hour jaunt up to Saraswati gaun gomba and back around again on some great hashing trails.
1543 Saturday 31 May 08 Pashupatinath Temple car park
- another Yogi Hare 2hr+ masterpiece taking the runners around the delightful precincts of the Ram Mandir, the Pashupati/Siphal Jungle and beyond with a long run in by the end of the airport runway.
1544 Saturday 7 June 08 Trouser Trout's Fish Farm, Chhauni 
- where the Hares set the run with chalk which led the pack out to the University and back to the Onn with ne'er a check in sight. Fuel shortage, so little traffic.
1545 Saturday 14 June 08 Manamaiju north of Balaju
- where in spite of a torrential downpour, multiple river crossings and the beer chariot being delayed due to a strike ... a great time was had by all on this Trouble hash.
1546 Saturday 21 June 08 Weatherall's Wigwam, Bhainsepatti
- last minute change of location due to a bandh did not spoil the fun as HeBitch and Doggy Style's paper led the runners round by the Sano Khokana temple and the new footbridge over the Bagmati via a beerstop and a live run straight home.
1547 Saturday 28 June 08 By Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha
- some diabolical paper laying and numerous false trails kept the pack together throughout this 2+ hrs circuit of the badlands between Budhanilkantha and Tokha set by Bryan and Little Willy.
1548 Saturday 5 July 2008 The Gee Ms's Grotto, Sanepa
- Dingaling's paper (what there was of it) took the runners to the White House and then he sent them back. with the misguided gudied ones returning from Chobhar on top of a water tanker. This most badly organised hash ever was followed by a party and the new hash film with near punchup.
1549 Saturday 12 July 2008 By Keeled Kottage, Dholahiti
- A typical Keeled Kottage hash, this time doing a clockwise circuit of the Dhapakhel rice fields, Bal Kumari and back along the Nakhu Khola with the water only at calf level. Paper laying delegated to Super Suction.
1550 Saturday 19 July 2008 Nagarkot Farmhouse
- a pretty chaotic affair to mark the 1550th hash with the pack meeting the in-paper early on. Good crack at the overnight stay.