Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1551 26 July 2008
Location Hattigaunda Hares Brainy and Silent John
Hashers 27 Hashit Doggy Style
Trash He Bitch Trashflash Impressive
Remarkables virgins: William, Christie, Rebecca newcomers: Matthew visitors: Jenny Shiggy Shells, David Hammerhead
The Pictures The Trash

Keeled wrestling with the snake on hash

For running off with the keys

T-shirt mismanagement

Your're never too old to try something new

Social drinking Italian style

The tale of the endless drought and the key keeper

A reasonable number of hashers decided to make the effort and meet at the On-In near Budhanilkanta. Here, they were welcomed by hares Brainy and Silent John; the latter one already damaged from setting the run earlier -- a sign all of us present took lightly at the time!

After quite some time of social drinking without the drinking part, Keeled Over decided that we had waited long enough for the Geek mama bunch, having Rotter absent as well, he decided to start the torture trail by calling the hares in the cirkel [Dutch for circle I think!]. The pack started by chasing paper down the hill, having newcomer Hammerhead hammering his head within five minutes during the slippery on-on-down, it didn’t take long before it became clear that it would not be a lonely down-down for him at the end. The Hash Scholars, being the regular leaders of the pack had found their new hole in one in Kruel -- scouting the area for paper.

After the first check Little Willy ignored the on-on calls from the false trail up the hill, and picked up the right paper. The rest of us FRB’s walked into a Discovery Channel moment, seeing a large snake (remember I am Dutch so have only rainworms to compare it with ) winding itself around a bird. While we were staring with a morbid fascination, Kruel took a few steps back and jumped to the other side of the ditch. After 20 seconds of Steve Irwin, the snake left the scene, being pissed off and hungry, and the bird started enjoying the bonus part of its life. Unfortunately, the bird's savior Kruel left before the beginning of the circle, and therefore, could not be honored/punished for this act of bravery.

In order to arrive at the first hold, the pack had to jump off a cliff, having some of us starting to wonder what was the hares' incentive of trying to cause us sustainable amounts of pain. Arriving at the first holding we noticed the loss of Keeled over, Little Willy and our Ankara hash visitor. Hare Brainy, however, decided that this collateral damage was acceptable and we went on. In the rice paddies that followed Hebitch misjudged his acceleration capacity, and collapsed with Stripties, while overtaking him, after which the latter looked more like a strippedknees!

A little further in the run, We arrived for the second hold at the Kopan monastery, were we met up with the walkers, led by hare Silent Knight.  Having the running hare tricking the pack into running the false trails, causing Little Willy to disappear on one of them, we went on. Having run through a river, we had to come down a slippery hill. Here Trouble took great (and loud) pleasure out of seeing some of us tumble down, after which he demonstrated what a proper hashcrash was, while Alex decided that the safest way of descending was using fellow hashers as airbags.

Coming towards the end Supersuction led the pack back to where Doggystyle & Co were supposed to have been waiting for us thirsty souls with the cold beers. The defeat was smashing after we discovered that the Geek Mama Bunch had decided to start following us, after arriving half an hour late, bringing the driver, and thus the key to the beers, with them. The true alcoholics amongst us (I prefer the term Professional Drinkers) went out to loot some local liquor stores, while waiting for the mismanagement to arrive.

After finally the circle was entered by the G-Mizz, the following people received their deserved down-downs:

  • The Geek mama bunch, for being late
  • Hammer head and Shiggy Shells. for visiting us
  • The three little virgins
  • A little fellow, soon to be renamed, for being a newcomer
  • Bernie, for trying to leave his girlfriend behind at the last hash, and for discussing computer stuff with the virgin Mary.
  • A lot of us for crashing
  • Stripties and HeBitch for T-shirt mismanagement, answering the phone in the circle and smoking
  • Dingaling for saying dingaling stuff
  • Brainy for being a trouble maker
  • And the hares for setting an excellent run

The hashshit went to Doggystyle, representing the group that caused us to wait for our well deserved beers after the hash.

gystyle, representing the group that caused us to wait for our well deserved beers after the hash.