Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1559 20 September 2008
Location Bhanwakali Temple, Budhanilkantha Hares Maria, Michael, Magic Fingers
Hashers to come Hashit who got it?
Trash Howzatt? Trashflash Michael
Remarkables were there any?
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The runners set off downhill, did a quick circle, and arrived back near the on -on; then headed up a steep hill ably led by the lead hare. At this point the trailing hare who is well known for his loud renditions of 'why are we waiting' during the down-downs, called everyone back on to paper and downwards again. All this after an introductory circle, were it was claimed there were 5 checks and 2 holding checks the order of which was unknown. What was ahead?

Again a large number of hashers turned out (where has everyone come from all of a sudden) with even the marathon runners pitching up, some having already completed 21km, 10.5km and others having competed in the unofficial relay race. It was noted by one veteran 'birthday hasher' that at the same venue last year there had been a grand total of seven hashers.

Anyway, the runners followed a circular route up hill, down hill, through the paddies and jungle, etc. eventually returning inside a very respectable time of about 1.5hours. In This Scribe's opinion a well balanced and managed hash. OK a few energetic, youngish and fit hashers finished sooner (for instance a fully fit Kruel, despite taking every false trail available. This bodes ill for his haring of next week's hash), but the old veterans like This Scribe and Apple were as usual content to make sure the trailing hare did not get lost at the back. A few new faces were noted at the back during the afternoon. The silent man had abandoned his other half as she 'struggled on' claiming to have a 'dizzy head'. Another very fit young lady was moaning about a 'sore knee', maybe the 21km completed that morning at the marathon was the problem.

The walkers completed a route similar to the runners except for the hilly parts but still managed to arrive 30 minutes after the runners at the On-Site. By this time the BBQ had been started by the hares. A big thank you to them for this, and the extra refreshments provided.

The Gee Mizz called the circle to order after having been 'mobbed as usual' as she 'as usual' personally distributed 'her brownies'. A score of 9.99 was awarded for the run and the Hares were thanked. No major items to report as 'the usual' down-downs were given to the usual culprits. A birthday down-down was given to young Half-a-Lunch (11yrs) and youngish Vanecock (11+55yrs). Steve 'the old flyer' was spotted exchanging telephone numbers with a few female hashers (something about a dog) and was suitably rewarded. Darkness arrived and completed the afternoon. Maybe the hash mismanagement should be thinking of the possibility of facilitating a meeting to organise a committee to discuss the possibility of changing the hash start time back to 2.00pm? (this can only be done after elections for a Constitutional Assembly to decide who should be on the Committee - GM)

be done after elections for a Constitutional Assembly to decide who should be on the Committee - GM)