Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1564 25 October 2008
GMizz, Trouble says you've run off to the States with photos of this event. Send the good ones to me for posting. GM
Location Suntakhan, north of Gokarna Hares Yogi Hare and Rubberlegs
Hashers 35, of whom 9 drank beer Hashit ?
Trash a Trashflash The GMizz
Remarkables virgins: Tony Anderson (?), Diana Fielding, Liz Folly, Leslie Walton returnees: Dingaling visitors: aa leavers: The GMizz, AGAIN
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The runners were taken off by RubberLegs (leading hare) and Yogi Hare (sweeping hare) with the 100% fit again and young looking Apple leading off the walkers. Nine checks in all with checks 4, 7 and 9 as holding checks.

Down the hill and eastwards with a late 14.30 start (poor time mismanagement due to the non-attendance of the GM) and a steady trek across the paddies towards Sundarijal. It was commented by one of those experienced hasher-wallahs (who I cannot name, but can say that his/her initials are L.L.) who should have known better, and who normally stay near the back of the pack, that "it was not so bad so far". No-one within hearing distance was prepared to doubt this. And, sure enough, the uphill section arrived, and a very sweaty, tired bunch arrived at the small temple at holding check seven high up on the ridge overlooking Sundarijal. When the stragglers finally arrived, the ever-eager front runners led the rest across the ridge (through the school with the bubble-shaped class rooms) and back down (thankfully) to the road and eventually to the On-In.

Only a couple of incidents to report on:

Firstly, towards the end of the run a group of experienced hashers lost the paper (which is no reflection on the Hares, who did a good job in this respect) and had to make a choice of continuing to search, or to follow Dingaling and HeBitch, who assured everyone they knew the way, probably. The group however, chose to take directions from a local and took the obviously safer route, while the Hares headed off down the cliff face, never to be seen again. What happened? When the group arrived at the On-In the Hares, with smug smiles on their faces, were already back and enjoying the hash snacks and drinks.

Secondly, the walkers got hopelessly lost and arrived at least an hour after the runners, who had averaged 2.5 hours.

The run was judged a medium-difficulty Yogi run and awarded a very commendable 9.9. Apple and Vanecock vehemently denied this of course claiming they had followed the runners trail all the way! Hence it took a little longer than planned (???).

It was getting cold and dark when the GMizz (unexpectedly officiating at her last hash) called the circle to order without the walkers, who were still out of sight and out of mind and who only appeared towards the end of the proceedings. GM – can you recall in your long and illustrious career with the HHHH if this has ever happened before? (It has probably happened during my tenure, but by the time late walkers have arrived I have usually reached San Miguel nirvana, which is characterised by the inability to remember everything except which car I've got to get into to get home, and how many full bottles of said liquid are traveling with me. - GM)

Anyway, at the end of the day, all relevant down–downs were administered and the GMizz said her final tearful goodbyes. Application forms for the newly vacant position of GMizz (or Ass GM) can be obtained from the current GM who has promised a generous salary (taken from his retirement funds).

Finally, please note the Hash committee is also looking for a competent HHHH brownie production manager now that the famous GMizz's brownies are no more. On-On. HZ

">brownies are no more. On-On. HZ