Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1567 15 November 2008
Location just south of the road from Bhaktapur to Sanga, on the edge of The Valley Hares Keeled Over, Rowena
Hashers 52, of whom 16 paid for beer Hashit Rowena
Trash Howezaat Trashflash Rotter, Alex
Remarkables virgins: Gemma Pillars returnees: Jackie, Krisha, Wilda, Turd Herder visitors: Phil and Gainor Manfield leavers: Ben new Hash name: Paul becomes Breast Fed
The Pictures The Trash

KO reports that this new statue of Shiva is being built by Marwaris. Have to check this with hasher Sashwat


Virgin Gemma

Returnees Gnasher, Wilda, and Turd Herder

First down-down for Breast Fed

Latecomers Jo and HeBitch

Visitors Gainor and Phil

Sky fireworks for Hashit Rowena

Hash pilgrimage to the 108ft 33m tall statue of Mahadev

I had converted the feet dimension that KO gave me to metric so that all the world except the USA could understand it. But KO complained that 108 has significance for Hindus, so I've changed it back. GM

The on-on location was on the road to China and consisted of a series of building plots neatly laid out and waiting to be built on. Hashers were greeted by the smiling walkers hare who could easily have passed for an estate agent eager to sell all arrivals a new house. As usual prospective buyers (hashers) arrived late, to the consternation of the GM who constantly had to politely ask Prem to once again get the hash cash out of the GM's chariot.

KO, the runners hare, arrived back just before the starting bell, covered in the dust of fine hash paper and claiming to be a bit tired – a warning for some. The circle commenced and 11 checks were announced, three of them being holding. However the Hare was unable to remember their order and attempted to add to the general confusion by revealing that he had also laid three home arrows. He went on to recommend that each hasher might consider carrying Rs50 for the run – to date the reason for this is not known. (I know! It was to enable the more quickly exhausted runners to purchase a bus ride at Sanga to deliver them gently back to the OnSite. Of course no-one took up this offer, knowing that I would severely punish them in the circle- GM)

Off and along the side of the main road and then across it. Through harvested paddies and on to the first holding check where everyone was convinced that the GM was not going to arrive, instead detouring back to the on-in. However, he finally appeared striding to the check where all the fit and keen silent men were eager to get going and check it out. This was the last time, to this scribes best knowledge, that the runners appeared together again (except maybe for a brief meet at the Shiva Statue).

Round and up to Shiva, across the road at Sanga, and then a varied run homewards with a few climbs, twists and dips. The speedy hashers arrived back in about 2 hours 10.015 minutes, but the elite group of more experienced hashers which included the Scribe and hashers like Apple and Lao Lover, took a more reasonable time of 2 hours 40.12 minutes. The walkers apparently were back hours before anyone and claimed vehemently to have been waylaid and lost by their hare.

An overall excellent hash with constant views of the Himalayan peaks in the background. No extraordinary items to report, except maybe the absence of a few false trails. These are an essential prerequisite for all those elite hashers who take great pleasure in watching the front runners scattered over great distances and feel satisfaction on the odd occasion of being up at the front.

Jimmi and his companion Jo came running in to the OnSite just before commencement of the circle, claiming to have just missed the start and then got slightly lost in their attempt to catch up. General amusement quickly turned into amazement and appreciation when Jimmi produced brownies and snacks from his motorbike. So all thoughts of objurgating him were summarily dismissed.

The usual circle business was quickly mismanaged by the GM, keeping in mind the previous week’s performance by SuperSuction. This week's 3.6 hour long marathon was thoroughly enjoyed by all those still there at the end. A score of 9.999 was proclaimed for this epic run, and it is rumoured that the GM would welcome some more active and positive involvement in the circle by a few of the more vocal and extrovert types (DS and SS, for instance) to offset the potential side effects of the upcoming colder days.

Finally, to date, no applications have been received for the Ass GM’s post and the Hash Committee (i.e. Me - GM) is considering the option of spreading the net wider to allow International applications (Towed , KL, etc.). On–On.

he option of spreading the net wider to allow International applications (Towed , KL, etc.). On–On.