Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1568 22 November 08
Location behind Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha Hares Little Willy and Margot
Hashers 61, of whom 21 paid for beer Hashit Stains the Couch
Trash more poetry from HeBitch ? Trashflash Rotter, Amanda
Remarkables virgins: Elizabeth Antucci, Ann Bennett, Dan Brown, Eric Browning-Larsen, Margaret Donahue, Laura Garcia, Harouyo Kawagoe, Resh Marahtra, Mohit Sherchanreturnees: Abigya, Carla, Kyla, Mana, Mike Wood, Arhe, Dreen visitors: Tanel Raud, Briker Riho, Rene Saare: all from the Tallinn Hash, Estonia leavers: Dan
The Pictures The Trash

Hares before the off

Upriver to Holding Check 1

Virgins Margaret, Mohit, Laura, Resh and Doug (let me know if I have the names wrong - GM)

Visitors from Europe: after delivering a couple of dirty Hash songs in English, with lots of finger pointing skywards at the end, the Tallinn Hash switches to singing in Estonian. If you are unable to see this it means that a shocked Estonian-speaking webmaster in World Link has taken the Webshite down.

Leavers Anil, the Estonians (thank God), and Dan

Hashit to 'Stains the Couch'

A relief to see the back end of Them

Check, check, double check

A group of hashers gathered near Budhanilkantha, old familiar faces, new exited faces and even a delegation of hashers from the far west. Apparently the news of our GM not attending the hashes regularly had spread and surely we can expect other foreign GM's sniffing his pack to see if there is a new circle to conquer or couches to be stained (your scribe took the liberty of verifying the reasons behind this name and unfortunately there was no surprising twist to the story).

Back to the run, it was Little Willy that was guiding the pack today. Even before the GM could point out the walker hare the runners were on the move, on the move to the first check.........about two hundred meters ahead. Still fresh and determined, the runners spread out, soon to find paper.....and the second check. By then we understood what the hare meant when he described 'an indefinite number of checks'.

The run continued down to a little stream, embedded in garbage. Nonna decided to go down head first, after which Alex was put to the test of driving her to hospital. A few checks followed, causing the scribe, Kruel, The Butcher (yes! a good name sticks), Hurry Krishna and Karla trying to find their way back to the group. We finally managed to catch up at the first holding, just in time to see Grave Robber turning in to goat lover (although he referred to it as kebab, a few of us saw the tenderness in his eyes). From here, DoggyStyle and Gado Gado took the lead, all the way to the perfect 'X' that was waiting for us around the hill. An undefined number of checks later we reached Holding Check 2, where we were fooled for a moment by some locals, in thinking it was a beer stop. Overdoing things as usual, Kruel went for a double hashsplash in the river, but could not persuade anybody else to join him. The –check- way up –check- continued –check- with plenty of –check- intervals, driving Liquor up front to run around like a mad pit bull terrier, looking for lasting paper.

On the way down, a group of rebel hashers, led by Trouble, decided to check out, rambling down the hill on what turned out to be a long cut. Arriving at the starting point, we were pleasantly surprised by a brownie show down between Jo and Stripties.

The GM, realising that it was time to defend his territory, called in the Hare to award him with a 9.9...... (it should have been one for every check). The GM then summoned Supersuction (some names are best left unexplained) to dance around some poor crashers. Keeled Over was awarded with a 301 down down. Then followed leavers Anil, Grave Robber, Stains the Couch, Short and Curly and Hooker Sniffer. Next came Half-a-Lunch for not showing up and Howzatt for showing up (no, sorry I forgot why). Eventually, the ceremony arrived at the awarding of the Hashit, which naturally went to the Estonian GM for, amongst many other crimes, singing crappy songs, as recorded below:

*We all arrived, ready for the hash*
*And we put two fingers up a horses ass*
*And checks we saw, at least twenty not less*
*And we put them up a horse his ass*

*Now Nonna she fell, she was quite a mess*
*Looked as she'd been up a horse his ass*
*There were others who felt, though they ran with class*
*The ground was harder than a horse his ass*

*Some FRB's they looked quite fresh*
*But in the end smelled like a horse his ass*
*The food and drinks in the end were worth the cash*
*And did not taste like a horse his ass*

*I thought it would be good to poem this trash*
*But there's not much more that rhymes on ass*

Drink it down down down down down down down

For more on the Estonian Hash and their ass go here.

Estonian Hash and their ass go here.