Trashes 1551-1575




1551 26 July 2008

- where Brainey and Silent John hared their first hash taking the pack over to Kopan and back. Afterwards the disgruntled pack waited impatiently for the keys to the beer wagon.

1552 2 August 2008 UN Park by Bagmati near Kopundol
- an urban Hash where Doggy Style and Ram took the hashers through a religious pilgrimage to the four Ashoka Stupas in Patan. The run went through alleys of Patan and rounded the fields on the east of Ring Road.
1553 9 August 2008 Past Tikathali east of Balkumari
- where He Bitch and Stripties took the Hashers through a long run that started with a short 15 min loop to the on-in thanks to the miscue of Stripties. Only two Hashers completed the full course of the entertaining, but exhausting run..
1554 16 August 2008

Losal, Dhumbarahi
- where Yogi, Rubberlegs, and Apple took the Hashers through a run that was too challenging for Bernie. HeBitch put him on a taxi and sent him off to the other part of town.

1555 23 August 2008 Tingare, behind Swayambhu
- where HeBitch, Lola, SuperSuction and Impressive took the Hashers up the leech infested steep slopes of Raniban, and where the Canadian tried in vain to invade the Hash.
1556 30 August 2008 Golfutar, Peter's Palace
- Set from virgin Peter's abode, the Hares GMizz, Sweet Cheeks, Alex and Teeny Alex took runners and walkers on opposite directions, meeting up at Kopan monastery for a group picture. Later the momo crew at Peter's gave a great treat for 70 or so Hashers.
1557 6 September 2008

Gothadar, North End of the Air Strip
- Baba Ganesh, Oola, and the scholars set a very un-scholarly flat and short (1.5 hrs) run, but the walkers were scattered after Laxmi (Mr. Mickey) lost - and later found - his dog. Hashers were outnumbered by bystanders at the circle. But only the Hashers were invited to the BBQ at the Canadian UN Tower.

1558 13 September 2008 By the pine forest to the south of New Thimi
- set by the mob wot flies the UN plane.
1559 20 September 2008 Bhanwakali Temple, Budhanilkantha
- set by virgin hares Maria, Michael, Magic Fingers. A well set and well-organised hash for once!
1560 27 September 2008 by the pine trees at Machhegaon
- a Kruel hash out to Taudha pond and back over the White House hill, with a panoply of leeches to mark the end of the monsoon.
1561 4 October 2008 Weatherall's Wigwam, Bhainsipatti
- the Gee Ms's supposed last run, a new Hashit rag and Towed flying in from Dacca for the occasion.
1562 11 October 2008 Kusunti
- where the Hash Cock set the paper the day before and most of had been blown away by the time the bewildered pack spent the afternoon searching for it around the precincts of the Nakhu Khola.
1563 18 October 2008 On the outskirts of Lubhu
- a fine jaunt set by Spiderwoman and her charges with the last check at a punk rock concert.
1564 25 October 2008

Suntakhan north of Gokarna
- where Yogi and Rubberlegs took a slightly more circuitous than usual route before inevitably heading up the steeply inclined slopes of Shivapuri. No sign of the walkers by the time I left in the gathering gloom.

1565 1 November 2008 Dhapakhel, beside the main road
- where only Keeled Over turned up at the posted Onsite, Dingaling went swimming across the lake in the wrong direction, and Howzaat! got the Hashit for setting up a big crash for Half-a-Lunch
1566 8 November 2008 Arubari
- where Lao Lover and his Lover set a variation on their usual course around the pine tree-clad ridges, rice fields and gullies to the north of the Kopan ridge. Most enjoyable, with great weather and large turnout.

1567 15 November 2008 just south of the road between Surubinayak and Sanga
- where the Hash had its first encounter with the many-storied Sanga Buddha, and the Circle found itself taking place on rice fields converted to speculative land and already sold for Rs 350,000 an anna (32sqm)
1568 22 November 2008 behind Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha
- where the Hare laid 'an indeterminate number' of tiny one-circle checks, and the circle was almost taken over by Estonians of the Tallinn Hash
1569 29 November 2008 just west of University, Kirtipur
- another DoggyStyle/Kruel ball-breaker, first to Naikap and then south to Macchegaon. A circle in the dark by which time half the punters had left for home.
1570 6 December 2008 temple grassland West of Sano Kokana
- a cleverly set zig-zag staying close to the beer. The circle was livened up by Hebitch and Friend with black boot polish faces throwing ginger nuts at everyone.
1571 13 December 2008 north-east of Gokarna Temple
- another instance of the chosen OnSite being over-run by a wedding, forcing the circle to gather 200m to the north. One of Yogi Hare's easier runs through nice country skirting the Bagmati River
1572 20 December 2008 Budhanilkantha near the Deuba compound
- a mercifully short outing heading east and up to the pine ridge . . . . and back down again. Meant to be longer but the pack, always on the lookout for shortcuts, managed to short-circuit a big loop
1573 25 December 2008 Rotter's Redoubt, Patan Dhobighat
- a reasonably short tour along the banks of the Bagmati, around the sewage ponds (dry, because they are not really needed in Kathmandu), and in and out of Bagdol. Then mince pies, beer and other little niceties.
1574 27 December 2008 just below Kapan monastery
1575 3 January 2009

Sitapaila building plot
- a Kruel medium-sadistic expedition on a cold New Year day. Highlight of the outing was Likker In Front's now-you-see-me-now-you-don't hash crash