Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1576 10 January 2009
Location beside the Sankhu road east of Mulpani Hares Ritesh, Bijay, and Som Raj
Hashers 36, of whom an amazing 18 paid for beer Hashit Vanecock
Trash SuperSuction Trashflash Rotter, Tibet Girl
Remarkables virgins: Chris Yeariode, Som Raj Paudel, Dala Bahadur Rana, Axel Buchmann,Dieter Pfannes returnees: Andrea Bourget, Anna Carson, Gnasher, Keeled Over, Puja, Vanecock leavers: Axel and Dieter
The Pictures The Trash

Hares Som Raj, Ritesh and Bijay

Virgins Axel and Dieter


For selling UNROASTED peanuts at the Hash

To Steve for refusing to carry a GPS gadget on the Hash in case the Americans turn it off and he suddenly finds himself lost

Brainey and Anke - could be for cake supply

SpiderWoman head-hunts Rotter's driver

For borrowing shorts from Gareth Edwards

I can't remember why Vanecock got the Hashit, but I'm sure he thoroughly deserved it

A Scholarly Affair

For those hashers who can remember the "infamous" Hash 1535, which pretty much did for Childkiller, we were in familiar running territory, with familiar hares in the athletic and stamina filled guise of our intrepid scholars.

Certainly those that could remember that particular 3-hour-plus marathon were showing signs of apprehension before the off. Much "leg stretching" and "leg pulling" was in evidence as the scholars were seen circling the pack eyeing up potential victims for 1576.

I must say, most had Howezat down as a candidate for a coronary, although having now introduced a mid week run into his already gruelling fitness regime in an effort to keep up with Half-a-lunch on the weekly hash outing, he informed this scribe that he was confident of at least finishing...Childkiller said the same thing at the start of 1542!

The GM "in anticipation of a longer than usual run" rather hastily convened the circle. At least that was the reason given at the time...this scribe suspects his true motivation was somewhat less altruistic.

Having just received a call from Vaincock announcing his imminent return to the fold, albeit slightly delayed by traffic around Boudah, it seems more likely that the GM in fact did not wish to observe his regal return in his gleaming hash chariot...with driver! This was borne out later in the circle following the run, as the GM was seen to vent his ire on almost anyone with 4 wheels. Ergo down downs for Vaincock, Spiderwoman, Noodle and Canadian "Steve" all of whom attended in chauffeured wagons of one sort or other.

Anyway back to the run. Initial apprehension over the potential of another monstrous hash appeared to be borne out from the on-in, as the hares proceeded to spread the pack over about a kilometre with a breathtaking start to the hash, run at breakneck pace through checks 1 and 2 and onto a holding at check 3, a full 25 minutes later. As the pack re-assembled oh how the "elite" FRB's were crowing, offering vociferous encouragement to all and sundry. Licker you know who you are!

By now we had Changu Narayan in our sights and many felt that this must be our ultimate destination. But no, some lovely trail laying took us back across the Sanku road as we doubled back on ourselves and headed instead to the second holding over the valley facing Sundarajil. From there it was a bit of a repeat of Run 1570 as we wound our way back, stopping briefly at holding check 3 (Scribe, according to your words above we have already passed this check - GM) where Trouble led a rousing Buddhist chant...because he could. Then it was back to the on-in again at a good pace for a rousing circle bathed in warm sunlight and enlivened in particular by the appearance of the peanut seller who proceeded to lose all of his stock as yes you guessed it, Trouble went through each one of his nuts checking the contents!

sed it, Trouble went through each one of his nuts checking the contents!