Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1577 17 January 2009
Location Beside the Dobhi Khola below Mandikatar Hares Michael, Maria, and Steffi
Hashers 43, of whom 17 paid for beer Hashit who was it?
Trash Supersuction Trashflash

who was it?

Remarkables virgins: Justine Hearwood returnees: Yogi Hare, Carla, Bryan, Kathryn E, Rosie, Becci, Shoba, Justin
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I'll bet this shot looking back on Half-a-Lunch was not taken by Howeszat

Hares Maria and Michael


Looks like a bunch of Wanking Hash Crashers, but in fact the thing that connects these people is that they are all related to Germans

Everyone waits for SuperSuction to shut-up so that they can get back to the beer

"Where can I find a driver for my Maruti Jeep?"

So to this weeks extravaganza, which was thankfully set for our intrepid band of hashers at the 11th hour by Herr Michael and his cohorts. Now although it was all "last minute" we were expecting a certain measure of German efficiency in terms of the trail laying and marking. This was in fact sadly absent, with the "lead" hare uncertain under only mild interrogation from Doggy Style, as to whether or not there were 10 or 11 checks, and apparently clueless as to how many, or indeed if any, holdings had been laid.

Even the on-in location itself caused some consternation, being sited at the base of a steep dirt track that the UN "ambulance driver" who was ferrying the sick and wounded from that particular organisation to the hash found himself unable to negotiate. Not so the intrepid Noodle who, having already survived a brief altercation with an errant motorbike on the ring road, descended the hill with gusto stopping only briefly to remove some loose trim and the rider from his vehicle on the way down!

So to the run itself. Off we set at a fair old clip up the valley heading towards Buddha Nil Kantha, with the pack generally in good spirit. It was around this point that we were joined by our first latecomer, as Yogi popped up as if from nowhere, gracefully hurdling a low wall and slotting in deftly behind the "elite" FRB's who were blazing their way off into the distance.

It was nice to see so many familiar faces return to the fold after short absences with Sweet Cheeks, Maria and Carla reinstating themselves into the middle of the pack, gabbing away like nobody's business and generally disrupting the smooth running of the pack. This Scribe had to suffer an unpleasant distraction during a short conversation with Sweet Cheeks, by inadvertently running off-piste into a pile of pooh! That brought the conversation to end, with Sweet Cheeks remarking that I had shit all up my legs and was smelling quite badly and could I run somewhere else please! Still, this just goes to prove a theory that was being espoused by Howzat during the run that blokes can't run and talk at the same time, and that this particular skill is one only bestowed upon women. This musing preceding his own hash crash adding further credence, if indeed any were needed to the theory.

So, after a right turn and a never ending (up) hill we re-grouped at the top overlooking Kapan monastery before winding our way down to the monastery itself for the final holding. Here, lo and behold, we were joined by a now familiar group of latecomers (or is it just an alternative hash?), including Gnasher, Krishna and the Australian Rob, who seem to take a perverse pleasure in setting off half an hour after the main pack, running the trail back to front, and complaining about strange marking that mislead them and results in them meeting up each Saturday at some point in the day with the bonafide HHHH.

So on down from the monastery, past the on-in that nobody could find a couple of weeks back. This spooked Lickker, as he'd set the trail from there. When the site was pointed out to him, even he couldn't remember how he found it.

Still all's well that ends well and the pack reassembled for a circle that was notable mainly for Shoba's failed attempt to avoid it! Much hilarity ensued, as half the hashers had to decamp the circle to help her find first gear and prevent her "new" Maruti Jeep rolling back down the hill and into Trouser Trout's gleaming motorbike.

With order finally restored there were the usual round of down downs and as the sun slipped over the horizon off we all set, already looking forward to next weeks run at Keeled's Cottage and the prospect of the first BBQ of the year!

eks run at Keeled's Cottage and the prospect of the first BBQ of the year!