Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1579 31 January 2009
Location Bhagavan Danda Bhanjyang between Chapagaon and Lele Hares Doggy Style, He-Bitch, Kwik-Kwok and Osama
Hashers ? Hashit Dogpimp
Trash Howe'sZat! Trashflash Ann
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Top: More than a year since the amber nectar passed his lips!

The harem of the head honcho hare

Jimmi flashing Chiranjibi

Doggy Style mismanaging the circle

It's a laugh a minute at the hash!

Loo-Loo leaving for Hollywood

DogPimp gets the Dogshit from Doggy Style

Great view from the on-in blocked by two idiots in front of the camera

About a year ago KO set a run from this on-on location, which offers a great view over the valley and surrounding hills. Last time a large truck had ‘died close by’ causing a few problems for the ‘hash chariot drivers’, but no problems parking this time and the intrepid ‘alf gany hares’ assured a good ‘alf gani run’ with 3 holding checks and 7 checks in total.

Rabi led off the walkers and the runners headed downhill on the rocky slopes and immediatly suffered 50% casualties in hash crashes on the steep scree slope. More intelligent hashers like ‘Little Willy’ followed the slightly longer but safer track taken by the walkers. Out east through the pine trees and down into the valley. Up and down and along a few ridges, and eventually back down with a few river crossings, and then the paper headed upwards back to the on–in at the quarry.

After trudging along the last section on a very dusty road (Vanecock was not very impressed with this road design, claiming that a layer of gravel would solve the problem (... of the copious ‘Nepali powder’) the well-powdered hashers arrived back in about 2 hours. The walkers had returned earlier having walked a much longer distance in the dust.
A good overall hash was very ably marshalled by the hares who showed due concern to the ‘elite members’ at the back. Two of the UNflyer team had membership applications for the ‘elite team’ turned down on account of there being too slow. However, their great ability to short cut was acknowledged as they had both managed to get so far behind and totally lost and yet still found their way to the third holding check before any of the front runners.

Talking about front runners (which this scribe very rarely sees unless a few good false trails catches them out and they have to pass the ‘elite runners’ getting back to the front), Raj and ‘Nice Hash’ were back after a break, although Raj was moaning about being a ‘bit stiff’.

Likker UF, in a weak moment, admitted to having a few minor hash crashes, although nothing could compare to his ‘tremendous crash’ of a few weeks ago. Jimmi as part of the ‘alf gany theme’ amazingly completed the run without injury after running completely blind with a blue towel/sheet covering all but his two knobbly knees.

The circle was very ably mismanaged by DS as the sun slowly disappeared and the usual down-downs were given out. Three new hash names were administered, although it was noted that one was a name change that Gado Gado claimed hash rules do not permit. (Maybe the absent GM could make a judgement in this case).

Sad to say goodbye to Steve (Doggyblimp) and ‘Loo Loo’ (Karla). The hash committee wishes them ‘all the best’ for the future. Thanks to all who contributed to the snacks — especially ‘Loo Loo’s ‘turkey and gravy’. C what U missed GM?

On On!

‘Loo Loo’s ‘turkey and gravy’. C what U missed GM?

On On!