Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1580 7th February 2009
Location at 11:00 on Saturday morning it was Sankhu - at 11:30 it moved to Mulpani Hares Keeled Over
Hashers 25 - see below for promoted statistics Hashit Keeled Over
Trash Howezaat Trashflash Rotter and a Foreigner
Remarkables returnees: Raunik, Dingaling, Helena, Jane beer buyers: Brainey, Vanecock, Rotter
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Above: Half-a-lunch races through Changunarayan while dad Howezaat (far distance, white shirt) is held up by Apple (or vice versa)

If you've ever sat in Gnasher's clinic waiting your turn to be assaulted by his high-speed uprooting machine, get yer own back by coming on the Hash and throwing insults at him for being late

The Runners Hare and the Slow Hare

Returnees Jane and Helena lick their lips while Anne, behind, is about to do what? . . . All will be revealed next week!

The only attendee this week who was not from the UK, Nepal, or Dingalingland

To Becci, for stopping to buy a bell in Changunarayan bazaar. Hash name 'Tinkerballs" perhaps?

Isn't the sharp end of the Hashit much more stimulating than looking at Keeled on the other end!

A tale of two runs. The original one at Sankhu had to be abandoned due to festivities, which required a frenzied rescheduling by the Hash Mismanagement on Saturday morning so that we all found ourselves at Mulpani. KO laid the runners trail and Vanecock took charge of the walkers, just as a small group reached the new on-on site more by luck than from good last second directions. Did any uninformed hashers reach the original on-on site? (come forward you lot! A venting of my ire will be meted out next week - GM)

Off across the valley went the small group of runners, closely marshalled by KO who did a great job of looking after both the elite runners club and the fast and fit (Dingaling, Little Willy, Rowena and company) with well located paper and three holding checks (uhhh? - I thought there were only 2 - GM). Up toward the west of the Changu Narayan Temple area, round the back of the temple (avoiding the entrance fee payment) and then down to the OnSite. A varied run of uphill climbs (climbs are only downhill when Hash Meister Yogi is Haring - GM), jogging across the ‘Dry Paddies’ (has anyone ever met one) and a few river crossings. A good hash of one hour twenty minutes. (fantastic! stupendous! this is what Hashing was like in the old days - GM) At a holding check behind the temple Gnasher appeared, having arrived late, but by short cutting had been able to catch up. Dogblimps ex dog led from the front and followed paper ahead of all the runners from start to finish.

Vanecock with his intrepid bunch comprising the TBS Misses, Helen, Dogblimp’s dog’s new Miss and the Two Hash film ‘Actors’ followed generally the same route as the runners, up to the Temple and back again. However, it was obvious that Vanecock had difficulty in marshalling his group. Reports leaked back about a visit into the temple area, souvenir shopping and stopping for rest and tea breaks. Although initially denied, the evidence was later presented in the Circle in the form of ‘a delicate souvenir bell’ purchased by TBS Miss Lee having been informed on by her colleague TBS Miss Dewar. Frustration showed as the walkers returned after three hours: Vanecock striding alone to the on-in, cold-shouldered by the rest of the walkers sullenly following some distance behind.

The circle was almost abandoned before it started when a bunch of locals approached and demanded payment for use ‘of their football pitch’ by the hash chariots. However, disaster was averted with excellent negotiating skills being displayed by HK and Apple. The GM’s retirement fund was saved and a rejuvenated GM as usual mismanaged the closing circle where the numbers were increased by a large group of local children and intellectuals.

Overall an enjoyable afternoon for all who turned up.

Sorry it's a bit short. I'll try harder next time. On on. Howezaat

Sorry it's a bit short. I'll try harder next time. On on. Howezaat