Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1583 28 February 2009
The check referred to by the Scribe as the ?!** one. After which the runners struck off left, heading well away from the walkers' pay check
Out of the river valley and a nice flat finish through the tattie fields
Location Sundarijal beach Hares Yogi Hare and friends
Hashers 29, of whom ONLY 7 paid for beer Hashit Apple
Trash HoweZat! Trashflash Rotter and Tibet Gal
Remarkables returnees: Shayleen leavers: Peter, Paul and . . .
The Pictures The Trash

One of the best false trails ever . .

. . . especially as it allowed Hebitch to get physical with an assortment of Harriettes

Yogi left one of his old mattresses to encourage the pack to stay on paper

Another Classic run/walk from Yogi and Apple

Peter and Paul go away

Apple got his money's worth today

The Hash hostage incident hash

A hash run of three holding checks’, an adventurous check, a restricted check and a ?!** check set by Yogi and the ‘elite Apple’. The run and walk started from the beachside resort of Sundarijal on the upper Bagmati, which is a well known spot for car washing (as Thomas’s hash chariot discovered after the run).

Anyway, off went the runners initially in a rather wasteful circuit before meeting up with the walkers  and heading straight up to the top of the nearest ridge northwards. The walkers and runners were to follow a similar trail all afternoon. The run then followed a water channel along the ridge to the ‘adventurous holding check’, then down into a ravine and back up to the second ‘restricted holding check’ and finally further westwards along the ridge to the third ‘?!** holding check’ before heading back down to the on-in. The runners arrived back in about 2 hours with the walkers arriving back in small groups an hour later and in a few cases well into the late evening. As one ‘experienced walker’ stated as he prepared to leave for home at a very late hour in a jam packed hash chariot, ‘that was an exciting day’.

A tale of three holding checks, 4, 5 and 6, out of a total of seven. At the ‘adventurous holding check’ the runners were tricked into climbing much higher than was necessary on the slippery and dangerous rocks at the waterfall by Yogi Hare, who sat down far below with  a ‘silly little smile’ on his face and then directed everyone downwards again along the river course. At this stage the Nightingale TBS flyer decided to take a short cut and with the ‘ever dependable Hebitch’ shouting encouragement from below, launched herself into space with a simple ‘Oh  ****’ and fortunately (for the smiling Hebitch) landed safely in his welcoming arms much to the amusement of all watching. Not the most memorable hash crash ever; that honour still remains with LIF with his magnificent effort of a few weeks ago.

At this stage the GM had just arrived at the check with Bessy – the GM’s new family addition, originally from the Towed kennel - who was experiencing her first hash run. Generally, all went well for Bessy, except at the ?!** check were she had to be rescued after falling into the river. Anyway, a much more serious event occurred here with the walkers. Apparently Miranda’s (HHH Supersuction’s other half) hat blew off and landed in the river and despite all efforts to rescue it, including the frantic use of numerous walking sticks, it ended up getting thoroughly soaked before eventually being caught, squeezed out and returned to its relieved owner.

The next ‘restricted check’ was only viewed by the runners as the contents were consider inappropriate for the walkers. The ancient ruins were considered fascinating and at one point the GM challenged Yogi to test his ‘Yogic Powers’ by lying down on the bed of ‘prickly bamboo shoots’ visible in the ruins.

The runners passed through the final ‘?!** check’ without incident and returned to the on-in to enjoy the snacks and refreshments. However, this was not the case for the walkers who got ‘so emotionally’ caught up with the surroundings that they all decided to make a vast donation (money and photographs of the felicitations) and spent many hours doing so in the process.

Special thanks must go to HHHHhostage and Yogi, without whose help the felicitations may have extended into the next day. As it was, Vanecock's driver Amir, kept sufficient snacks in reserve for the returned and weary felicitators and the last hash chariot left as midnight approached. ‘A very exciting day indeed’

The circle had in the meantime proceeded with the usual aplomb once again with the GM’s mismanagement to the highest standard, and thanks to all those who brought the over-abundance of very tasty snacks.

A final note on what ‘not to eat before a hash run’ – please ask HK about this and whether it is better to have them boiled or fried.