Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1584 7 March 2009
Location Manamaiju Hares Brainy
Hashers about 35 Hashit Brainy
Trash Likker Trashflash Hash Holic
Remarkables virgins: a Nepali gal returnees: CondomMan and Hash Holic visitors: Double Check
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The latecomers

Blocking access to the Shite

Taking the can for Ann

For causing disturbances on the hash

A no-brainer for today's Hashit

The hash carries on whatever the fates throw at it

It is not uncommon for some Hashes to experience a few difficulties before they are actually ready to happen. We all remember runs that were delayed due to inclement weather, inaccessibility of the roads, the hares not showing up on time, or bizarre directions that would make hieroglyphics look like pre-school books by comparison! The participants in Hash 1584 had to overcome some minor obstacles as well, such as no website, no hare, and no directions until a mere few hours before it started.

Not to be outdone, Brainy also decided that posting directions that were accurate and uptodate when Kathmandu was little more than a few hills and a mud hut would also assist us in our quest for an entertaining Saturday afternoon.

Eventually, by some divine interference, a goodly number of Hashers did manage to congregate in Manamaiju, and following a brief opening ceremony led by Trouble, the Hashers were off. Except for Miss Lee, who for unknown reasons decided this Hash would be run without her. We think this might have been the product of the sun, a minor injury, fatigue, or simply a well-timed hangover that was yet to run its full course.

During a recession, people must make do with less. This means fewer purchases, less gasoline, more costly food, not to mention load shedding that would make some people long for the good old days of candlelight and caves. Brainy quickly demonstrated what resource he was lacking in these hard times: paper!

As a result, the Hash trail zig-zagged through fields, vacant lots, and assorted other swamps before the Hashers were able to catch a glimpse of paper to show us where the hare intended us to go. Nobody except the hare will ever know where we were meant to go. We have had reports from family members that some Hashers haven’t made it back home and are still missing as this trash goes to press.

Eventually, we managed to run a few hundred meters without searching for paper via satellite, and stopped at some beautiful stupas and lush green fields along the way. Bryan’s dog, constantly harassed by the local mutts, befuddled her owner to the extent that a spectacular Hash crash in a dry rice paddy was the only logical consequence.

An essential demographic group of each Hash is provided by latecomers. These Hashers, who can read everything but a clock, can frequently be seen huffing and puffing to catch up to the main group, reducing what would otherwise be a consistent afternoon run to a Rambo-inspired mad dash through the wilderness. Some latecomers manage to shortcut their way until they are certain to virtually start the Hash at check four or five. He-Bitch and Jo succeeded in joining Hash 1585 at the last check, and even then appeared to be winded.

But Hash 1585 was also a day of (ill-advised) fashion statements. Spider Woman’s hubby, for example, had spent his morning raiding a little girls’ school gym and proudly showed off the loot -- in this case a pair of shorts that would have had to be stretched to the breaking (tearing) point to fit a snake, let alone a grown man. Next down the rice paddy catwalk was our Japanese friend Hashahoric, who spoke a yet undiscovered English dialect in an outfit that screamed TOUR DE FRANCE, complete with numbers and Japanese letters.

The walkers, evidently still spooked by an ambush sprung on them by the national soldiers the week before, decided that caution might be a safer bet this time and followed a more or less straight itinerary to a temple visible from the on-in. Frolicking in the sun and helping themselves to food and drink, the walkers chuckled at the exhausted runners scaling the final hill on all fours, led by a determined Kruel.

Involuntarily pushed into the circle as the GM du jour, Keeled Over’s first point of order was to push a group of curious kids out of the circle. [Ed. This was the third and last circle that KO will ever run!]

Overall a fine Hash, although it is certain that we will have to whack a few trees or apply for federal aid to get more paper at this rate.

is certain that we will have to whack a few trees or apply for federal aid to get more paper at this rate.