Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1585 14 March 2009
Location The old stables opposite St Xaviers, Godavari Hares Spiderwomen, Hash Holic, Yujiro and Lance Armstrong
Hashers About 40 Hashit Hash Holic
Trash Becci Trashflash Hash Holic
Remarkables virgins: two of them newcomers: ? returnees: ? visitors: ? leavers: Hash Holic
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A typical scene from a H4 holding check

Apple sent in this photo of ...

A typical scene from a 'holding' check at a Phillipines hash

He-Bitch mismanaging his first circle

The unforgettable hashittable Hash Holic!

Hash Samurai Circuit

The hash met next to the old Rana stables at Godavari on 14 March. Most hashers were on time with the exception (again) of He-Bitch who arrived in the nick of time after ANOTHER incident with his motorbike. This time police had confiscated his keys after he had saved a Damsel in Distress from a strike outside the Chinese Embassy.  ‘One unidentified foreigner fled the scene on a bike,’ it was reported the next day in the press! It’s a drama-a-minute these days at the hash.

Hash 1585 was set by Team Japan: Hash Holic, Spiderwoman, Lance Armstrong and a man who has had to endure many down-downs over his first 2 weeks hashing in Nepal. It had 9 checks and 2 holdings (at checks 6 and 7). There were high expectations that team Japan would provide Sake and Sushi stations around the hills and fields of Godavari; but no such luck. Spiderwoman didn’t even dance on the way round. It was said by some that if she had promised to dance at the top of the hill we may have made it up a whole lot faster…

However, despite this the hash was set through green fields, running streams (Godavari must be the only place with water in Nepal right now) and unspoilt, litter-free hills. Shyabash Team Japan!

A hash group photo was taken at the temple holding – Trouble was having ‘finger-trouble’ at this point so it may be that the photo is just one big blur. Keeled-Over nearly got stuck inside the temple rock whilst exploring but there were no earthquakes to note at the time so he managed to get out alive. From the top of the forest-covered hill it was a steep scramble down. Howezaat was heard to say that he wouldn’t be buying new trousers for Half-a-Lunch after he had slid downhill for at least 400 metres with great skill and aplomb.

The walkers arrived back at the same time as the Hash Elite ‘Running’ squad – the first time this has happened for weeks – and no arrests or camera confiscations were reported by the walkers. There was not even a single hostage incident. Vane Cock looked very disappointed that he wouldn’t be receiving yet more down-downs for mismanaging the walkers after such a trouble-free afternoon [ed: But we didn't have a Trouble-free afternoon!].

The circle was expertly and enthusiastically mismanaged by He-Bitch and extra entertainment was laid on by Hash Holic, Spiderwoman and Gado-Gado. There was much discussion about taking Hash Holic hostage so that he would not be able to leave for Japan next week. He will be much missed and performed several memorable leaving dances in the circle whilst completing a quantity of down-downs on the trot.

HHHH’s largest simultaneous down-down took place with all the men present having to apologise for general rough-handling of the fairer sex at last week’s Holi celebrations in the valley. They took their down-down ‘punishment’ very well, unsurprisingly.

It would seem that Hash 1583 (Shivapuri National Park Police incident hash) is still causing certain members of the hash [ed: Army] Post-Traumatic Stress as they cannot put it behind them. Chiranjivi was caught leaving early (again) and dragged hastily back into the circle to receive his new hash name – Hash Hostage. TBS Misses Anne (guilty) and Becci (innocent and wasn’t even ON the walk) were YET again called into the circle to explain about taking pictures of Hash Hostage’s arrest. Maybe this could be the last time until Hash 1583’s one year anniversary?


s could be the last time until Hash 1583’s one year anniversary?