Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1587 28 March 2009
Location Halchok, 1.5 km west of Swayambhu Hares Likker, Gado Gado and Mrs GG
Hashers 29, of whom 10 paid for beer Hashit Trouble
Trash Howe'sZat Trashflash Rotter, Spiderwoman
Remarkables virgins: Yadav Dhakal, Anker Rolsdrotls newcomers: Leonie Kneeves
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The perils of trying to bring you HHHH reality

Runners' Hares

Walkers' Hare

Serving Oversees Newcoming Hash Volunteer Manager

A King Crimson moment for Kruel. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see below - GM

Portrait of Kruel

These are Keeled Over's braces, for keeping the small change in his pockets within reach. We didn't want to see another shot of KO did we? So here's HeBitch with them.

Sometimes I think that the pack is too hard on Trouble. But not often.

... and he marched them up to the top of the hill and he marched them down again!

After last week's marathon hash trash of 32 words its back to 'normal’ – if anything is ever 'normal’ at the hash. A late start as per 'normal’, with Vanecock’s driver of the hash snack chariot (nothing starts without the GM and the hash chariot!) almost demolishing a bus at Kalanki; but the GM, traffic cops and the drivers quickly negotiated a settlement to be settled some time in the future.

LupF and Gado Gado hared the runners with Gado Gado’s Good Lady taking the walkers. Six checks in all with holdings at checks 2 and 5.

Everyone headed up the valley away from town towards the new very impressive temple complex. The long and dusty road with a few detours led eventually to the first holding check. LupF provided his usual very calm and encouraging words for the ‘elite’ runners struggling behind in the thick dust clouds left by the front runners. In fact he was so impressive that a local lady laughingly was heard to say ‘Yo manchi taukoma na ramro ho’.

At the temple complex coffee shop it is rumoured that the walkers stopped off and once again as in previous occasions had ‘tea and cakes’. Some action must be taken by the hash mismanagement against this misbehaviour and the current culture of impunity must be stopped.

Many false trails had been set by the hares, who took great pleasure in watching the fast and fit running in circles before calling everyone back and along the trail marked with the ‘normal’ invisible paper with the ‘normal’ excuse that the kids must have moved the paper.

A U–turn at the end of the valley and then an ominous warning that holding check 5 was a bit of a challenge. Sure enough up to the top of the second steep hill on a route taken by Kruel in his most recent 3 hour trek a few months previous. Somehow the GM and Bessy arrived ahead of most runners after a superb shortcut and the two newest arrivals, one dressed in designer jeans and shirt and the other constantly showing off his ‘6-pack-tum’, were shown to be excellent candidates for the ‘elite’ running group as they slowly inched themselves upwards to the holding check. Again LupF was not impressed.

It must be noted however, that both hares took great care of those ‘not so fast elites’ and those ‘demented front runners’ such as KO, HHHHsupersuction, Jimmi, Brainy, etc. who got consistently lost and needed directing.

The run ended with a nice jog down to the on–in a good 2 hours after the start. The walkers had arrived a few minutes before and had obviously recovered from their excesses at the coffee shop to fully enjoy the hash snacks with, once again the appearance of brownies supplied by ‘Ms Scotch’.

The circle awarded a 9.9 for the run and walk and was as 'normal’ mismanaged excellently by the GM with all the bases covered as 'normal’.

On-On and Up-Up.

_emphasis">the GM with all the bases covered as 'normal’.

On-On and Up-Up.