Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1591 25 April 2009
Location Pipal tree between Sankhu and Vajrayogini Temple Hares Yogi Hare and Apple (see above)
Hashers 29, of whom 10 paid for beer Hashit Dashwood
Trash Likker Trashflash Tibetgal
Remarkables virgins: Saroj Ranjit, who claims photographic skills returnees: Dingaling, Richard Bull travellers in Likker's jeep: 9 persons visitors: looks like there is one from the Bali Hash but he is not recorded on the Hash Sheet**
The Pictures The Trash

Dingaling returns

You don't get hills like that on the Bali hash

Likker looking pensive

Hash crashes I think

The blurred photographer

The Hashit

A Yogi special with chang and potatoes

Saturday afternoons are the very essence of leisure in most of the civilized world. By the millions people use this time to sit in the sun and relax, dig in the garden, or tend to their family with a multitude of recreational activities. It is only logical that human beings should use their free time to recharge their batteries after a grueling week of work. Not so if you’re Hasher! Then again, if you are logical and civilized (and arguably a human being), then you probably aren’t a Hasher.

Hash 1591 brought us to the familiar confines of Sankhu, where the Hashers knew exactly what would be in store for them: high green mountains featuring dense vegetation, another exotic-looking temple that looked like it had been cut out from the pages of National Geographic, a wonderful river delightfully crashing upon a series of stones and boulders, friendly and welcoming villagers… and a grinding and tortuous run, courtesy of Yogi.

The hare must have thought that he would have to run the Hash by himself, being that none of the Hashers had turned up at the proposed on-in circle. Little wonder, as the group frolicking in the sun under a huge tree had assembled a mile away. Yogi, never a candidate for the running Elite, abandoned the original on-in to meet the geographically challenged Hashers at the on-in of their choice. Of course this also meant a prolongation of the run. The very prospect of this had Yogi frothing at the mouth, as evidenced by the sprint he undertook at this distance to meet the Hashers rather than the casual trot less sadistic hares would have used.

Yogi admitted frustration at the fact that he wasn’t able to lead the Hashers up the stairs of a stadium. Hash 1591 can easily be summed up: high, higher, get your a#@% up and go higher still. To make matters worse, Yogi ensured there would be a steady diet of false trails (going uphill, needless to say). The most notable incidences were the vacillation of a virgin walker who really fancied himself as a runner and so left his group; another schizophrenic fancying himself a walker and abandoning his group, and even folding his shirt in solidarity with the women to make it appear like a crop-top; and last but not least, a rare food and rice wine stop.

What goes up must eventually come down. This rule of physics applied not only to the downhill run for the remaining two checks, but also to a few Hashers taking spills after trying to navigate their way through miles of pine needles.

The last check treated the Hashers to the site of the familiar Vajrayogini Temple with its assortment of monkeys. Somewhere amongst the chants of the monks and ringing of the bells the Hashers became enlightened. KO, for one, claimed he saw the GM in the form of one of the monkeys (of course the male with the reddest ass). This was not nearly as horrifying as the image most gasping Hashers had of Yogi: some believed to have seen him as a Drill Instructor, while others swore up and down that he was the second coming of the Spanish Inquisition.

The circle found Likker In Front as the GM of the day. The quality of the GM can always be measured by the amount of beer poured on him. A cup was poured on him when Rob mistook an insult aimed at him for one aimed at the locals. Gallant indeed.

Conspicuous through his absence was also He-Bitch, allegedly because of a bad back he had picked up after training for the Kathmandu Marathon. A smitten Jo who was brought into the circle pled ignorance to the whole case, as did He-Bitch’s Dutch partner-in-crime StripTies.

Post-Hash: Likker proudly would like to announce that the old record of squeezing nine Hashers into his car was shattered by one.

** (in remarkables): Not Uncle Leong, Walter "Hanoman", or Victor Mason by any chance? No chance it is Victor. He is too well known. Victor founded the Ubud, Bali Hash chapter and helped host the Bali InterHash around 1987. Stats

l known. Victor founded the Ubud, Bali Hash chapter and helped host the Bali InterHash around 1987. Stats