Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1593 9 May 2009
Location Weatherall's Wigwam, Bhainsepati Hares Spiderwoman, Amir, Vanecock, Pooja
Hashers 41, of whom 10 paid for beer Hashit DOLIDAR man
Trash He Bitch Trashflash Frozen Stiff
Remarkables virgins: Pawan Ghale, Sagun Pant, Bijay Roka returnees: Laura, DoggyStyle, Chris K, Magali, Bibek, Orla, Amir, Rebecca, Condom Man II, Mandy, Cocklear leaver: Brainey
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Vanecock and HoweZat at the scran

Working out next wee

k's lesson plan

A couple of virgins

That T-shirt

He-Bitch and Trouble

A rather smelly excursion

A reasonable number of hashers arrived in front of the Vanecock-Cocklear mansion. After debating which hares of the 4 partners-in-crime would not be charged for their beers (just mess up your run and you get down-down’s anyway) the pack was informed about what was supposed to happen. Spiderwoman promised no Harakiri Hash but a 9 check walk-in-the-park.

The first stop was the unavoidable Hash Nipple from where we received a sun-dried tomato treatment up until crossing the Bagmati river by bridge to reach the first holding. A few hashers were still hydrated enough to scout but it was Doggystyle looking for water who ran into paper. Starting our long stretch by the Bagmati riverside, Hurry Krishna, late as ever, joined the group.

The sight of the pitch black 'water' scared the more reckless of us in crossing when checking out the next checks, Keeled Over and Doggystyle did manage to reach the other side over an excuse for a bridge, but the hares had decided to lay a one-sided hash. Meanwhile, the pack grew silent due to the fact that speaking means additional inhaling of the river fumes. 

The last holding was missed by a few FRBs, after which the way home was entered at the backside of Bagdol.

Arriving at the On-In, Doggy resumed his role as vice GM. Cocklear's Krew had prepared a proper hot dog stand and was not shy in accepting down-downs in return. Brainey was pressured to enter the circle as a leaver (I hate it when they do that!), but swore to return in a few week's time. Vanecock was voted as having the best job amongst the pack so he can join in guarding a bounty island [ed. what!?] Only after this was it recognised that Supersuction actually had the best job -- servicing the employees of the Ministry of Women! Liz was held accountable for confusion on the numbers of People's Liberation Army fighters in the cantonments, Hebitch for deserting his Queen in her time of need and our hash flash DOLIDAR man received the hashit for not being able to make shockproof photos of the whole mismanaged affair.

Note: the reason this trash appears two weeks late in a pretty ad hoc form is because I lost the napkin I had written it on the evening after the run. Unfortunately I got drunk and ran out of toilet paper,

On on!

Unfortunately I got drunk and ran out of toilet paper,

On on!