Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1597 6 June 2009
Location N of Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha Hares HeBitch, SweatyLocks, Sam
Hashers 36, of whom 12 paid for beer Hashit HoweZaat!
Trash HoweZaat! Trashflash Rotter, SpiderWoman
Remarkables virgins: Joshusa Gross visitors: Katie Donze hash named: Sam becomes 'Girl Guide'
The Pictures The Trash
Above: the group running out on in-paper decide the Rs 250 required to proceed through the army checkpost isn't worth it, especially as the trail continues upwards

Hares Sam (as he was), SweatyLocks, and HeBitch

Virgins Joshua and Sam (who actually managed to get on the trail this week)

Visitor Katie, who still probably doesn't know what a real HHHH run is like

Anybody remember why SpiderWoman was called in, other than to get her to dance?

Sam is unanimously named 'Girl Guide'

HoweZaat receives a private Hashit while, on the right, Frazer texts Mum with the news

coming soon . . . .
coming soon . . . .