Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1599 20 June 2009
One of the cleaner bits of the run
The dirtiest bit of the run. HeBitch stands to the left of the muddy puddle from which he had just climbed out
Location by the old Mulpani rubbish dump Hares The Scholars, GeeMizz, Rabi
Hashers 29, of whom 12 paid for beer Hashit Howezaat (astonishingly!)
Trash Supersuction Trashflash Rotter, DoggyStyle
Remarkables virgins: Shiva Karkha, Cinzia Albetini returnees: The GeeMizz leavers: Howezaat, Half-a-Lunch GM's pension fund: Rs 1365 down
The Pictures The Trash

Just before the off the GeeMizz attempts to bring cooperation back to haring

Impromptu old friends

Virgins Shiva and Cinzia

Crashers Rotter and Gado Gado

Leavers Half-a-Lunch and Howezaat

Howzaat gets the Hashit and in the time honoured HHHH fashion throws it all at the GM

A Run That Will be Best Remembered for its Comings and Goings!!!

So to Run 1599. Now unfortunately 1599 was always destined to be the bridesmaid and never the bride, sitting as it does slap bang next to the bigger and better Run 1600! So it could have been that Run 1599 would end up being a rather "flat" affair given that the main event is taking place next week up in Charikot.

However as it turned out it was anything but (flat that is) and what with The Scholars at the helm this was considered to be an unlikely eventuality anyway... but with notable returnees and leavers it all turned into a really great day out.

Prior to the circle commencing ,the party started with the arrival of a gate crasher. The returnee in question tried to disguise her presence by hiding her head under a tee-shirt that was way to small for the job, leaving the most recognisable pair of legs and red shorts on the Himalayan Hash protruding for all to see. Yes the GeeMizz was back! Having tired of short runs back in Baltimore she'd decided it was time to get fit on a short vacation in Nepal.

Now the return of GeeMizz provided some welcome relief for Howzatt on what was to be his final run with the HHHH. Having missed Apple's shadow over recent weeks the prospect of having an un-fit GeeMizz amidst the elite runners must have been manna from heaven.

So after a circle more reminiscent of last summer than this, albeit with no sign of Childkiller off we set. The early part of the run in fact was the dreaded Childkiller killer run in reverse, with the trail winding gently out into the valley.

A good pace was set in the early stages as the pack quickly moved through checks 1 and 2 and off to the 1st holding at Nilbarahi Temple atop a hill on the far side. Much puffing and panting from the pack on arrival with little respite as Trouble and Hurry Krishna called an early "check it out". This was primarily in response to the outrageous antics businesslike eagerness (let's get it right - GM) of the GM who had actually left the holding early and begun to "check" without a moment's consideration for the rest of the pack.

And so along the edge of the valley we went reaching holding 2 before sweeping back across the valley to holding 3. Here an impromptu photo shoot broke out, along with some concern for the whereabouts of Lickker Up Front, although to the best of this scribes knowledge he wasn't even on the run.

As we tootled back to the "On-In", which was pretty much in sight, HeBitch managed to take a wrong turn and headed off up the wrong hill; now I'm no psychic visionary but I think this is an ominous sign for Run 1600! where said hasher will be the trail layer in chief on unfamiliar territory... watch this space, or one close by for next week's sorry tail of lost hashers and hares!

And so to the closing circle, much mirth and merriment, with nobody quite sure who was in charge... nothing new there then.

The hares of course, and there were many, including a down-down for Trouble, who apparently provided consultancy to the scholars on the trail to be laid... sadly the hares and down-down situation is now so badly out of control now as to be irretrievable and a financial meltdown of the GM's retirement fund now seems inevitable (yes, see 'Remarkables' at top - GM).

Thomas of course was pilloried for his "DWI" and clung to a number of feeble excuses, the best of which was "I was too drunk to know what had happened" and then employed Gnasher amongst others to plead his case in explaining the fracas he was involved in outside the Bhatbhateni Supermarket... oh dear, guilty as charged I'm afraid!

We had a remarkable virgin, going by the name of Cynthia, who it appears has taken 13 years living in Nepal to find the Hash, I'm sure she'll be back!

And of course we bade a very fond farewell to two hash stalwarts, Howzatt and Half-a-Lunch. A number of offers were made to provide Half-a-Lunch with digs for a few more weeks to enable him to reach his 100th run with HHHH but alas to no avail... they will be missed... who for example is going to bring the sweets at the start of the run?