Trashes 1576-1600




1576 10 January 2009 by the Sankhu road south of Gokarna forest
- a really well-set run which was enjoyed by all. Other than that, not a lot to say about it.
1577 17 January 2009 by the Dobhi Khola below Mandikatar
- in which the first Hash crash belonged to Noodle on the way to the OnSite
1578 24 January 2009 by Keeled's Kottage, Dholahiti
- where Keeled led the pack around one of his usual circuits of the Nakhu khola and Bal Kumari temple with a free BBQ afterwards in the Kompound.
1579 31 January 2009 Bhagawan Danda Bhanjyang overlooking Lele
- where Doggy iStyle along with Jason and his two wives set the pace on a circuit of the Lele valley.
1580 7 February 2009 Mulpani
- where traffic jams led to the shifting of the hash to Sankhu at 11 am as Keeled Over saved the day by setting a run around Changu Narayan.
1581 14 February 2009 Godavari pines
- the pack was misled around the usual circuit around the foothills to the Big Buddha and on back via the other side of the road along some great tracks.
1582 21 February 2009 West of Sankhu
- He Bitch and Kwik Kwok set a two and a half-hour-long clockwise circuit up to the foothills of Shivapuri and back via Vajrayogini Temple
1583 28 February 2009 Sundarijal beach
- Where Yogi led the pack on a great jaunt around the foothills of Shivapuri whilst the walkers had an interesting time as Ann's camera was impounded by the army and Chiranjibi taken hostage.
1584 7 March 2009 Manamaiju
- Where last minute hare Brainy set an interesting route over to Tokha with very thin paper in places as we witnessed the bulldozing of hundreds of year of Nepal's Kulture.
1585 14 March 2009 Godavari - the old stables
- where the Hash Samurai crew set a low course down through the rice fields to Bishanku Narayan and back and Hash Holic got the Hashit.
1586 21 March 2009 Just beyond Taudaha Pond
- where Kruel set a less than cruel jaunt that somehow managed to avoid the many high poiints in the area with only a few reckless hashers making it off-paper to the White House
1587 28 March 2009 Halchok, 1.5 km west of Swayabhu
- where Likker led the pack up and down the same ridge and up and down the same bl***y ridge.
1588 4 April 2009 Chalnakhel tree nursery
- the paper set by Hurry Krishna went to the Pharping holding pond and wiggled around a bit.
1589 11 April 2009 UN Park by the Bgamati at Kupondole
- set by He-Bitch and Jo with a lot of running along main roads and a beer stop in Sanepa.
1590 18 April 2009 Machhegaon pines
- a pleasant Kruel run that wiggled around the villages and paths below Champadevi.
1591 25 April 2009 Sankhu
- where Yogi set a 2.5 hr amble up hill, through jungle and down dale in the countryside to the east of Vajrayogini temple. Notable for a chang check with aloo fry.
1592 2 May 09 Sisneri
- where Keeled set a circuit north around the lowlands and then up a very, very long climb and along the ridge with some great views over the Valley and back to the on-in. Rotter back mismanaging the circle.
1593 9 May 09 Bhainsepati
- a rather smelly run along Kathmandu's main sewage outlet -- the Bagmati river, with much better smelling snacks provided by the Vanecocks afterwards
1594 16 May 09 North of Tokha
- a really well set run around the ridges, rice paddies and foothills below Shivapuri.
1595 23 May 09 Bhimdhunga, Sitapaila/Dhading border
- Kruel in Mild Mode laying a very pleasant path through pine forest up to a spur of Raniban and then round below rock cliffs to a steep plunge back to the OnSite
1596 30 May 09 Brahmakhel school, on the Sankhu Road
- nice circuit starting N then heading E, past rice fields being planted and over wooded ridges, before turning S across the Manohara river, then a little bit of up and down, then re-crossing the river back to the OnSite
1597 6 June 09 N of Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha
- the usual HeBitch catastrophe. Out-paper and in-paper only metres apart at some points. The group running out on the in-paper gave up when Rs 250 was demanded at the Army checkpost. The group running the right way got through free. Other than this, quite a nice run really.
1598 13 June 09 just beside the quarry, Chobar
- in which the hares laid a nice medium avoiding the White House, instead circling round clockwise to the north side of Chobar to finish up with a climb up THE STEPS and a last check in the temple precinct
1599 20 June 09 by the old Mulpani rubbish dump
- in which the GeeMizz suddenly appeared from behind Trouble's car having helped the Hares set a nice mixed run through flat and hill across the Manohara and back
1600 27 June 09 from the Panorama Hotel, Charikot
- in which the hares' hard run with few level bits was negotiated by the pack in pouring rain for most of the way. The Scholars almost got eaten by a leopard and many others by leeches