Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1611 5 September 2009
Location South side of Chobhar hill Hares Becci, Jos, Shayleen and Helen
Hashers 35, of whom 15 paid for beer Hashit Christoph
Trash Keeled Over Trashflash Rotter, Spiderwoman
Remarkables virgins: Nat Mason, Helen Rathbone (who also hared) returnees: Dingaling visitors: Alex Milne, Jen Nor GM's Pension Fund: 18,9100 paisa!
The Pictures The Trash

DoggyStyle carries along his fellow species to save her from the boys

Stop for Gut Rot (also known as chang) at Krishna's place

Hares Joss, Shayleen, Becci, and Helen

The GM attempts to eke out some personal details from virgin Nat

What's his name? He is not recorded on the Hash Sheet.

Visitor Alex

That Hashit, Those Nipples

A Saturday afternoon jaunt around the temples of Chobhar and Kirtipur

Whilst the usual latecomers arrived in dribs and drabs, delaying the start of the hash by the customary 15 minutes, the GM and Apple collected the exorbitant new hash fees of 400 rupees for beeries and 150 rupees for softies from the ontimers.

The circle finally got going with the GM and Spiderwoman performing an impromptu pas de deux. The GM descended from his last pirouette and introduced the hares — Becci, Jos, Helena and Shayleen plus mutt — with a note of foreboding as he recalled the last time the Himalayan Hash had been set by four members of the fairer sex. A few present recalled one cold February afternoon in 2007 when the Gee Ms, Kwik Kwok and two other harriettes left “the pack totally confused by thin paper, checks laid in coded symbols, and a home arrow halfway round!” Click here for a full account of the disaster that was Hash 1473.

As an aside … probably the most memorable female-hared-hash ever was Hash 1211 when Jedi and her cohorts made all the men dress up in drag for the international women’s day hash.

Well, today’s hash did not quite reach the same dizzying heights of mismanagement as Hash 1473, nor did the GM wear a saree. However, there were a few points where the trail petered out and towards the end some rather dubious trail marking caused half the pack to miss out the last section altogether whilst still managing to finish on paper!

The run finally got underway with the first paper leading uphill to the northwest. Dingaling and Christoph made a small diversion through an adjoining film shoot to witness ten maidens wiggling their bottoms in time to a Nepali folk song.

Beyond that the paper trail led the runners on what was a pretty well-set run up to the temple on the top of Chobhar hill, down the other side and on a really good route around to Kirtipur and its temples, with holding checks at the two temples in Kirtipur.

The pack got pretty well spread out in places and the GM and his pooch were involved in a few run-ins with the neighbourhood curs. Jos showed her virgin hare credentials by striving to keep the frontrunners on paper: once you have set a few hashes you know that it’s best to leave the idiots who can’t follow paper to their own devices!

The runners who took the shorter option, including Keeled, Brainey and SuperSuction, got back in about one hour and forty minutes whilst Hole-in-One, Kruel, et al came in 20 or so minutes later after most of Mrs Rotters’ Famous Tuna Dip and Doctor Death’s Deadly Brownies had been wolfed.

The GM was at his manic best in the circle. He had been put in a most jovial frame of mind earlier by nearly demolishing the wall of the Catholic church whilst manoeuvring his Landrover out of his constricted driveway, by forgetting his glasses, by standing in shit whilst and then suffering terrible abuse trying to extract the inflated hash fees.

The run was generally well-received with the GM marking it down as the second-worst hash ever! It was scored at 9.9f. The lone virgin — a shiggy expert — and the visiting man in the red T-shirt were welcomed, down-downed and then told to piss off out of the circle.

Other down-downs went to:

Keeled Over for aspiring to fulltime employment;

— a number of private partiers and miscellaneous wankers; and

Christoph for flashing his tits in the circle, for which he received the Hashit.

The end of the run and the circle took place amidst glorious post-monsoon-like sunshine. A great time was had by all!

he end of the run and the circle took place amidst glorious post-monsoon-like sunshine. A great time was had by all!