Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1612 12 September 2009
Location Dhapakhel, by the main road Hares Billy Whizz and Doggy Style
Hashers 25, of whom 7 paid for beer Hashit Billy Whizz


Trashflash Spiderwoman
Remarkables virgins: TBS DT teacher Josie Whelan returnees: Arhant Shrestha GM's Pension Fund: Rs_4979/- LOSS !!!
The Pictures The Trash

The walkie talkies

The hares

A new virgin who was hakkered by He Bitch

Returneee Billy Whizzlet

For showing off by coming to the hash after running a marathon in the morning

I name thee Billy Whizz

The first ever down-down through a bike saddle!

For multi-tasking

The hashit

Hash 1612 - Or where can you find ice in Kathmandu?

Well it's no good relying on the GM! It seems that when our esteemed leader (???) isn't around the HHHH beer supply is left to its own devices and we are left with a supply that is all warm and yucky!

This week Trouble and Krishna took matters into their own hands and decided that enough was enough. So with scant regard for the GM's Pension Fund off they set with two cases of beer on the back of a scooter to find a kindly soul that would swap them (at a price of NR 250 as it happens) for cold ones that the pack could enjoy after it's exertions.

All this and we hadn't even got the circle underway. Further delays ensued as a tired looking Rajesh (appropriately now known as Billy Whizz (click here to see BW on the trail) stumbled through the briefing, apparently none the wiser as to whether or not the run had any checks, holdings, river crossings or shiggy. This prompted an unexpected phone call (mid circle) from the G Miss over in the US of A to ask exactly "what the heck was going on". This prompted Doggy Style, who was the call taker, to clarify the plan for the afternoon. Nine checks, three holdings, no rivers and no shiggy. There you go Billy Whizz it's that simple!

So off we set, up the hill down a track and onto the "Tal" (lake). Here the pack became muddled as it ran into a distinct shortage of paper. Keeled soon had us back on track, too late for Trouble though, who at this point decided he'd do his own hash and disappeared over the horizon .

Your scribe's memory then goes a bit fuzzy as to exactly where we went...reason...I'd had a big lunch of baked beans, sausages and cheese on toast and was too busy concentrating on keeping it all down to notice where we were.

I do know that I wasn't the only one struggling. He Bitch, after arriving late and having just completed the Kathmandu marathon in something like 6 hours 40 minutes, was gamely trying to get his legs to do something they weren't interested in i.e. Running!!!

Still we all made the first holding (or was it a check) at the brick kiln chimney before Becky following a lead from one of the hares took up the running. Fantastic false trail at the next check, which sucked in more than half the pack into running up a long incline (I admit it, I was the one at the front calling on-on), before we then found the correct trail across the valley, up a slope and onto the holding atop of the first real hill of the day. Would it be the last?

Oh no, along the ridge down the hill, a quick right turn and we were off up to the last holding at a fantastic temple over looking the valley. Oh how Christian enjoyed those steps! It was here that Trouble reappeared, leaning nonchalantly over the railings at the top and shouting encouragement to the "elite".

Your scribe (you'll be glad to hear) was feeling better by then and was all set for the run back to the on-in. A great run in it was too! One of the best in the valley in this scribes opinion.

So with the cold beer retrieved, the pack circled in the gathering gloom to be serenaded, laughed at and insulted  by He Bitch (well it makes a change from the GM). There were namings (is he allowed to do that?), bicycle down downs, hakas and all sorts before the chariots headed off towards the bright lights of Kathmandu. 

downs, hakas and all sorts before the chariots headed off towards the bright lights of Kathmandu.