Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1623 21 November 2009
Location Halchok, on the S ridge of Raniban Hares Kruel, Prem, and Jonathon
Hashers 22 of whom 11 paid for beer Hashit StripTies's Mum
Trash Brainy Trashflash Rotter, Thiggy Fingas?
Remarkables virgins: Marit Keinanen, Malla Keinanen, Henny Stuij, Denco Stuij, Jonanthon Rogers returnees: Becci
The Pictures The Trash

Hares Jonathon, Prem, and Kruel

Heddy strokes a cat which Ties's dad said did not exist in Nepal

Ties, Mum and Dad

Smug returnee Becci

Doctor Death - for helping HeBitch to supply new Hash T-Shirts I think

The GM splashes out on a beer down-down for Mean KO just to stop him salivating

Can't quite remember why Thomas got a down-down. Something to do with his difficulties in crossing international frontiers perhaps?

Just imagine if StripTies had been born as happy, dynamic, and likeable as his parents

A Hash Rarity - Kruel gets a 10 for a Great Run!

The poor turnout (was there a real running event on at the same time that we missed?) consisting of a few stalwart regulars and a couple of newcomers, listened skeptically to Kruel’s precise estimate of a run of “between 1 and 4 hours” knowing full well that they would be in for the usual dose of Kruel-inspired ultra-running with little chance of a safe return before dark. And, with a certainty that even the Hare’s accurate time keeping could never hope to match, He-bitch (who else of course) failed to materialize till long after all the other runners and walkers had disappeared into the depths of Nagarjun Forest – and had to do yet another solo run (and on his own too!)

From the start – equally predictability, the first leg of the run headed straight upwards to the inviting-looking white stupa perched above the on-in. As if that wasn’t enough to achieve mass nirvana, the pack then proceeded upwards again into the fringes of the national park by a route that avoided all the usual army check-points and ticket booths.

Led by Kimmo the flying Finn, who appeared to be having trouble standing still, even momentarily, at the checks (perhaps something to do with the tightness of his lycra-contained lunch-box) the runners entered the gloomy forest.

The pack soon became spread out along the excellent jungle trails with only occasional encounters with illicit firewood cutters and monkeys to provide relief from the trees and wild nature. Luckily the checks allowed for regrouping. The hare only pointed out later that he had been lost for an hour while setting the run so it was with some relief that the usual front runners Raj and Keeled managed to find their way out of the forest and into the marigold strewn fields of the nearby villages. A downhill spurt by Brainy completely missed the paper and continued down a few hundred unnecessary concrete steps taking most of the pack with him until sense prevailed and someone was able to pick up the trail way back up the steps from the lead runners.

At the final holding check near a stream occupied by a group of bathing Tamang belles (Raj couldn’t keep his eyes off) a serious diversion again led to the pack getting well dispersed.

The final home straight was a fast dash along a tarmac road that really got those thigh muscles working and resulted in a 1 hour 40 minute run of a quality that has rarely been experienced in the history of HHHH.

The runners reached the on-in well before the arrival of the walkers – leading to some speculation as to whether they might have had a close encounter of the leopard kind in the forest. This possibility was dispelled by a phone call to the walking hare who reassured the waiting runners that they were on the way – but unfortunately still too late for the snacks (except the tuna dip, of which there was a huge oversupply as The Scholars had not appeared this week - GM).

Meanwhile back at the pre-circle drinking spot, a major mismanagement episode that had not only resulted in the absence of the hash table, also meant that the back of the GM’s Land Rover became the main means of getting the tops off beer bottles as the official openers were attached to the aforesaid table – presumably left back in Rotters pad. Pre-circle drinking was marred when the GM almost assaulted one of the Kruel Krew for dipping into the tuna dip thinking he was perhaps a passing local taking advantage of free snacks on the wayside. Profuse apologies were given and accepted!

And then Brainy complained of having had enough and cycled away into the gloaming. So here's the rest as the GM remembers it:

Just after Brainy went away up roared HeBitch and Doctor Death loaded down with new Hash T-Shirts. Earlier in the day, finding that they were going to be late for the Hash yet again, they had run along to a shirt printer and got 40 or so made up. In this way they were able to provide an acceptable excuse for their lateness, thus avoiding the wrath of the GM. But there had not been time to stitch on size tags, so getting one to fit was a bit hit-and-miss.

After the walkers arrived back none the worse for wear, and then a period of shirt-peddling, the circle at last got under way. The OnSite being on a cold windy ridge the GM had no hesitation in announcing "wanking allowed", which made everybody much happier.

The hares were down-downed, with no dissent when a score of 10 was awarded.

The main activity in the circle took place around StripTies and his virgin parents who, both being extremely big, were treated most gently and courteously by the Grand Master, confining himself to comments about their sad specimen of a son whose inability to deliver a trash which he has promised to write has caused the mismanagement great anxiety over the last few weeks. I will get in touch with Towed and KL to have him thrown out of the Trash Writer's Union. It all ended up with Henny the Mum getting the Hashit for, well, I think you will realize what for . . . .

Thanks to the Doctor/Bitch duo for the t-shirts, and to Durga for the snacks, the tastiness of the onion pakoras being particularly appreciated.

ue_emphasis">Durga for the snacks, the tastiness of the onion pakoras being particularly appreciated.