Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1624 31 November 2009
Location Chhampi Hares Keeled and Kathy
Hashers 26, of whom 9 paid for beer Hashit Billy Whizz
Trash HeBitch promised Trashflash Eivind
Remarkables virgins: Sarina Piya, Lindsay Shearer, Karen Staft, Riva Thapa, Apoorva Thapa
The Pictures The Trash

Accolades for a stunner of a run

Virgins from New York, Washington DC and closer to home

For mismanaging something or other

Was this for crashing?

Next week's hares plus HeBitch

What was this for?

and what was this for?

For lying down on the hash

Promised by He Bitch, but in the meanwhile:

The run took a similar route to the famous Three Gorges Run from february 2004 (Hash 1317). Today's hare had set that epic run with the long-gone Towed when it nearly caused a fatality amongst some visiting hashers from Kuala Lumpa. KO

And at last, on 13th January 2010, here is what HeBitch has to say:

Chhampi! Chhampi!! There’s no such place! After these encouraging words late on Friday night it became clear that Hash Number 1624 might be a bit hard to find. Still, a reasonable crowd managed to come out to the spot where Keeled Over had created a reconstruction of some hash from the last century. Being not ashamed of laying several trails of paper that confused some late comers, he guided the pack up the first hill and down to cross the little creek in the bottom in its length, causing Stripties to show Billy Whizz how a full facial hash massage crash should be performed.

The hare decided to repeat a steep descent – river crossing – steep assent, with only Doggystyle escaping the trail and making it up the hill. Once up the hill, we were guided off the road into the fields, wondering if the hare had rented us out to plough the fields. Eventually we arrived at a holding at the top of a hill. The small ridge leading to this hold caused a few smaller nervous breakdowns among some of the hashers. After this, a small group of FRB’s ran up the hill to find the next check, causing a determined Lindsey to run down in all directions checking for paper, thereby missing the On On calls by Hole-in-One.

Keeled Over managed to lead the sweeping group on a wrong trail, after which Runners were confronted with Billy Whizz, laying in one of the fields enjoying the sun.

In absence of the GM, the circle was mismanaged by SuperSuction, while Becci, Hedda and others couldn’t keep their eyes of the lost puppy that later on was named Hashie and lives in Jawalekhel nowadays. Dr. Death’s chocolate- peanut butter brownies kept everybody empowered to make their way home.

r. Death’s chocolate- peanut butter brownies kept everybody empowered to make their way home.