Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1625 6 December 2009
Location just south of the Bungamati bus park Hares Handcream and Tibet Gal
Hashers 36, of whom 11 paid for beer Hashit Keeled Over
Trash Becci, oo titches at thi Biritsh Skool Trashflash Rotter and Tibet Gal
Remarkables virgins: Suman Thapa, Kedar Saptkota returnees: Itchy Balls, Durga, Krishna D, Tibet Gal
The Pictures The Trash

Above: a 180° panorama. The Bagmati is straight at this point

Video: before the off Handcream attempts to explain How to Hash (7.5MB file)

Video: crossing the bridge, one of the supports of which is just visible in the headline photo if you run your eyes left from the runners (6.25MB file)

Hares Tibet Gal and Handcream

Virgins Suman and Kedar

Pleased to see me again? . . . .

. . . I can tell from what you brought for me

HeBitch demonstrates how to do a new-shoe down-down properly: DRINK IT ALL!

Robin shows off his straightjacket which his mum (background) straps on to stop him from bagpiping

Well I certainly wasn't going to invite Itchy Balls into the circle again, so the Hashit had to go again to soft drink subscriber Keeled Over. GM

hash 1625 wos souf wets ov Bung a matti wee had the sercl on a spetic tank wich did not. smell he bich and doc def were not layt and we were neer a skul and the hair was. calld. handcreem and the wokkers hair was Tibet gurl. Der wos a veree hard sistm of papr laying with. on on on on 1 on on 2 on on 3 and sumtims on on 4. der wos no on on 5 lukilee. Wee were all kwite confsuuusd. but wee injoyd running a lott.

We wetn up sum hils and dawn sum hils. Wee sor a smelly. riva it wos calld the bag matti. It had lost of rubbish init. Billy wiz and the JM wer at the. frunt mowstlee. We had fun and it was sunnee. The cercl at the finnish was mad and veree mis man aged Ichee bols. gav the JM a prezzy of sumfinkveree rood. The usule maaket seen wos happnin with tee shurts and avokadoos being sowld. Peepol drunck lots of beeer and ayt a lot of yummy food (fank u mrs JM) and doc def brounies (fank yu docdef).

Then wee oll went to handcreems haws and ayt mor yummy foood. Fank yu to hancreeem. Then wee oll went to Sticky Vickees haws and ayt mor yummy krismas food (fank yu sticky vicy). I bet yu r fankful yu aksd me to rite this.

Hmm, Lee minor, although much more readable than a UN report this work still needs improvement. See me behind the LandRover at next weeks Hash. GM

le than a UN report this work still needs improvement. See me behind the LandRover at next weeks Hash. GM