Himalayan Mixed Hash Run No. 1630 9 January 2010
The trinket shops on the way down to the Dakshinkali Temple
Lantang Lirung Himal from the OnSite
A trace of the route followed by Handcream and his GPS machine. Pretty much the route on which paper was found.
Location Pharping Hydro Pond Hares Kruel and his ilk
Hashers 26, of whom 8 paid for beer Hashit The GM, for forgetting the mugs
Trash Annalise Trashflash Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Susanne Bodach, Paul Calderhead returnees: Mukunda, Januka, and Sean
The Pictures The Trash

Hares Kruel, and members of his extended family

Virgins Susanne and Paul

Returness Mukunda and Janaka

New shoes amongst the Himalaya

Robin tries to push the world back to the same angle as Supersuction

Latecomers arrive at a holding check

Hash 1630 was run from the Pharping Reservoir just SouthWest of the city. There were several minutes of confusion and critical drinking equipment missing due to the GM's battery failing (well, his Land Rover's battery actually) but we continued undaunted. Next challenge, there was no sight of the hare who was presumably still out laying the running route, his two daughters, the walking hares were present and well prepared.

Presuming Kruel lost or laying a ridiculously long hash, the GM held the opening circle and commenced the run at an early 2:15. This start time worked to the disadvantage of Hurry Krishna, Vince and his towering son Paul who arrived late but caught up the hash mid run. The first stretch south and west of the holding pond was along a fast level trail, so fast that Handcream, Brainey and that other really fast guy sped on, well past any sign of paper and beyond the 'On Back' call of Kruel, the hare, who'd mysteriously appeared along the trail. Assuming these three would find their own route back, we continued down, across the river and then up the adjacent hill. Next this spectacular run headed through a lovely wooded area and then down through a weekly temple festival party complete with the slaughtering of animals, food concessions of all sorts and some 'rock-on' music (very traditional)! Tempting as it was, no one stopped for a bite.

Leaving the festival crowd and having run through a busy market place, the hare once again appeared to us (like Kruel in the Box) warning us of treacherously slippery sections if we followed the lower path and advising us of an upper alternative. Like any of us wanted to run more up hill, most chose the lower route and it was indeed very greasy but no injuries were reported. The run continued through the river valley and then finished by traversing along the side before following the earliest home arrow ever witnessed to retrace the start section returning at the reservoir. The run lasted about 1.5 hours and the walkers were all well returned and relaxing as the runners arrived.

As the runners quenched their thirsts and regained a normal heart rate and the pop bottles had been cleverly fashioned for down-down goblets, the closing circle was called..

The hare was duly abused for his absence at the start, and then for blaming his tardiness on the big guy upstairs. After pausing momentarily to watch for lightning, a very high run score was awarded, Kruel took his down-down in style. The balance of the circle then appeared focused on getting Paul, the virgin, drunk. This sacrificial virgin endured down-down after down-down for first his virginity, then late arrival, wearing his shorts inside-out, new shoes (and not small ones!) leaving and possibly other reasons, long lost in the foam. There was a bit of beer saved for down-down song auditions and for the fore-running lost trio who in their confusion had discovered most of the route to come prior to returning to the pack. Ultimately, the hashshit was donned by ____________ (I don't actually recall who took it last week Rotter - was it you? Do the photos help at all?) Yes is was ME. GM