HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1637 27 February 2010
Location Godavari pines Hares Narayan
Hashers 29, of whom 10 paid for beer Hashit Windbag's Dad
Trash Claire Trashflash Rotter, Spiderwoman
Remarkables virgins: Dave Holmes, Alexis Morcrette, Naomi Saville returnees: Bruce, Mansi visitors: Tony Dias leavers: Annalise, Robin 'Windbag', and David
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Godavari Senior Citizens' Home. Let us in!

Hare Narayan, who shortly after this photo was given the Hash Name: 'False Buddha'

Virgins Dave and Alexis

Leavers Annalise, Robin 'Windbag', and David

Can't remember what their crime was, but aren't they sniffy!

Get outa here, man

Godavari and beyond

Finding the start was relatively straightforward – holi bholi chha so conditions were wet thanks to the anticipatory water bombs for those on bicycle or the unwary.

Our Hare – dubbed False Buddha, aka Narayan, in a well planned manoeuvre delivered his offspring to support team in order to devote himself to the hashers – the second hare in living memory to set the hash on his third hash run (the first of course being Kruel).

Annalise set up a wee recycling booth in true Canadian style offering clothes, shoes etc. and then found energy to set the pace, and find the trail… Robin has topped the hash growth chart records over the last months so we know why he was shedding his apparel…

Some wondered if the paper had been reused to line rabbit hutches as there was precious little on the trail – but then we recalled the GM's adage from last week – you know the one - if it wasn't difficult it wouldn't be the hash…

So first we hashers got lost together, paying homage to the Buddha, located conveniently at the top of a very steep staircase.

Then some of us, the faint of heart or doubters it should be said, circled back south of the Godawari Botanical gardens believing they had lost the trail, prematurely as it turned out as the paper was clearly visible at the next intersection…

Sign of a truly great Hare (and Human Rights Defender) was the accommodation in the form of subtle side cuts adroitly identified for the benefit of a select bunch (Annalise not included)…

Virgins – John (how far is Reading from Watford?), clotted Dave from Devon.

New shoes – Reading John, Annalise, and wrongfully convicted Dave by proxy? Whatever happened to spousal immunity?

Hash crashers: Annalise and Reading

Hashit: Dave for ratting out Annalise

Leavers: Dave, Annalise and Windbag

Awesome Grub – samosas, cake, aloo, veggies, sweet things…

Postscript:  Some hashers lamented their lack of hash names despite longstanding service to the cause – what exactly does it take? A High Level Political Mechanism? Brownies perhaps?