HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1639 13 March 2010
Location Manamaiju, north of Balaju Hares Ritesh, Bijay, and Trouble
Hashers 31, of whom 5 paid for beer Hashit Olavi
Trash Vikki Trashflash Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Gyan Aryal, Olavi Keinanen, Oona Keinanen, Juuso Keinanen, Kim Taylor newcomers: Moire O'Sullivan returnees: Krishna D leavers: Harald, Turd Herder, Bruce
The Pictures The Words

Hares Trouble, Bijay, and Ritesh

Virgins Olavi, Kim, and Gyan

Virgin Oona gets the GM treatment

Newcomer Moire gets the GM treatment

Leavers 'Arald, Brucie, and Turd Herder

Joss and bloodied knees

Who me? Write the Trash?

This is not likely to be the last Hashit awarded to Olavi, even if he only appears once a year

The sun was shining for what looked like another fun Saturday afternoon but trouble began as the hash got off to a slow start when half the arrivees formed a circle at another site down the road. Delayed and confused (this is redundant language; we are like this every week - GM) we phoned the hare in charge, Trouble, and formed the circle at the proper site. Trouble was invited to share his hash route, but seemed unable to remember the number of checks and holdings, which led us all to believe he had palmed off his newly earned traveling funds on The Scholars and bribed them to set the run for him. The GM gave a fast overview of the hash rules to the virgins and we were off.

A scattered start followed as the pack split for checking, and innumerable calls of “lost paper” echoed around the countryside. Some of us begged Trouble for a heads-up on where the paper lay. Rather foolishly we took his recommendation only to see it was a false trail. Smiling and feeling very proud of his mischievousness we realized he’s clearly a darn good poker player (liar) and we shouldn't’t believe any of his “helpful hints”.

The trail continued in a scramble across near-vertical terraces taking urban living to a new edge by engaging in the popular adrenaline sport of base-jumping! When questioning the hare on his dodgy downhill misdemeanors he defended by saying it was all about the “optical checking”, defining his checks as an uphill struggle where you need to look where you are going! Unfortunately for Joss she did little optical checking and made two bad errors during the afternoon. Firstly she tried to show off her acrobatics with a spectacular hash crash, followed by an extremely quick recovery bolt to see if anyone had noticed (all in the name of avoiding a down-down). Second she opted to follow paper up the vertical slope where everyone else ignored the scholars paper laying and took the left hand path instead!

As the stragglers ran in to holding checks False Buddha and Streamline Dicky showed off in their usual manner by running back and forth to try and tire themselves out. Impatient hashers DoggyStyle and Hole-in-One were determined to share their knowledge of literature by embracing Aesop’s Fable of the Hare and the Tortoise. The tortoises amongst the hash questioned why the checking always began immediately after the last hasher came into the holding point. Becci suggested that a 5-minute rest period should be observed from the point at which the last hasher comes to the holding point. Democracy was ruled out (we are in Nepal after all (and this is the HHHH after all - GM))! Aesop’s Hares disagreed and were off in a flash to burrow a warren home.

The GM abandoned a cowering Bessy, (so much for a dog’s best friend) as her fear of goats came into fruition when she refused to cross their path. Trouble ended up carrying the whimpering Scottish (geroff, she's an English Springer Spaniel - GM) canine past the baby kid. GM you need to teach her to “man-up”.

The circle caused much excitement for the locals when they stood in wonder as the GM commanded his troops to pour beer over their heads. We were blessed with our first-ever view on the Hash of three generations of a Finnish family: Streamline Dicky, his father, and his two kids. With no-one to translate into Turkish Scandinavian the GM’s taunts were lost on the Mero Mobile crew who have now become www.ncell.com.np. Kim, who couldn't even remember her name, was thanked for her cookie contribution. Her decision to join the hash couldn't have been timelier as her baking rival Dr Death has broken her toe and is out for the foreseeable future. Your new presence is only welcomed Kim if you bring your biscuit treats on your next return! Irish Moira proved that oll dere is da Oireland is drinkin, when she called for Shamrock social drinking in da name of St Paddy!

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