HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1643 10 April 2010
Location Tokha Hares Richard
Hashers 22 hashers, of whom 11 drank beer (an unprecedented 50% beer drinkers thanks to the reduced rate) Hashit Ashley’s husband
Trash Doggy Style - submitted 18 July 2010! Trashflash Million $ visa
Remarkables Virgins: Morgan and Guido; visitors: Ashley and her husband
The Pictures The Words

Above: Spiderwoman's slips into her geisha routine and all eyes focus on the Hares shorts

The Hare. The mismanagement ensured that there were no proper mugs available

Apple drinking

Trouble and Kate drinking

More hashers drinking

Fancy a beer Ashish?

One of the most mismanaged Hashes in recent memory

This was one of the most mismanaged Hashes in recent memory, but as always, the show went on with few hiccups here and there. While the all-powerful GM was busy warding off the donation seekers in Damak and his sidekick, aka Keeled Over, decided to escape into the mountains in search of salvation. That left the highly desirable task of organizing [aka mismanaging] the Hash to the likes of He-Bitch and DoggyStyle. Which would not have been so bad if others had access to update the Shite. The night before the Hash, hare Richard Bull – freshly back from the 71 km Annapurna run – frantically tried to get the directions posted on the Shite by calling everyone on the Hash list, but to no avail. Finally, DoggyStyle tracked down the GM, who had to criss-cross Damak on the morning of the Hash looking for a cyber cafe with decent Internet bandwidth. It was only at 10AM that the directions showed up on the Shite! Thus began the day.

When the few dedicated Hashers showed up at the on-in beyond Tokha, the hare was already back from setting the run, but was missing his bicycle which he had locked to a pole. Yogi Hare promptly put on his detective hat, and with the help of few local children, set off into the gullies of Tokha. He was able to recover the bicycle hidden in a locked room inside a house. The bugger who ingeniously sawed off the expensive  Kryptonite lock thought his pilferage was safe behind cheap Chinese door lock. Little was he aware of the tantric powers of our Yogi Hare. But since we had better things to do – ie, run the Hash – we decided to leave the pursuit of the cycle thief, and set off on the run. One of the Scholars did the noble thing by offering to stay back and guard the bicycle with a broken lock (as well as the motorcycles).

Oh, and right when the run was about to start, we received a call from a car full of Hashers who ended up in Budhanilkantha while trying to get to Tokha. They were told to go home.

The decent hour and half-run took the small number of runners – thanks to the last minute posting of the location – through the fields and valleys before turning towards the Shivapuri hills. After being through so much even before starting the Hash, the Hare was in no mood to lose any Hashers, and hence kept the group together by pointing us in the right directions. We climbed a bit, and ran along the park border marked by collapsing walls, before making a dash down to the bottom and back to the on-in.

Since the chariot was not there to bring the beer and snacks, He-Bitch had commissioned our Scholar guard to get them from the nearby store with the cash collected from the Hashers. And as expected from a bunch of kids without parental supervision, we collectively decided to reduce the fees to Rs. 300 for beer, and spent all the money right there. The scholar rode the cycle to the shop to make the purchases before we all got back and everyone was happy.

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