Trashes 1626-1650




1626 12 December 2009 just north of Park Village Resort, Buddhanilkantha
-in which Apple set a run heading west and then up and back east horizontally in and out of the valleys and back down to the east of the main road. For this great run he was piped into the circle by Robin
1627 19 December 2009 the pipal tree directly south of Chobar village
-in which the Hares stuck to the well-papered path up to Mr Gurung's hotel and back, while the walkers managed to get back so much quicker that they were able to have their own circle before the Real One
1628 26 December 2009 Pepsi Cola town planning
- A Boxing Day hash where erstwhile hasher Road Runner laid a gentle short run around the Manohar Khola with a great meat feast afterwards
1629 2 January 2010 Keeled Kottage, Dholahiti
-where Keeled Over strayed from his usual route and misled the pack via ICIMOD over to the Godavari road Haatiban and back through the Dhapakhel rice fields.
1630 9 January 2010

Pharping Hydro Pond
-Kruel in mild mode. Virgin Paul Calderhead turned up with his shorts inside out. Another Hashit for mismanagement guru Rotter, who forgot to bring the mugs. Click here to see the 9km long route mapped by GPS.

1631 16 January 2010

UN Park, Kupondole
-an enjoyable tour of the Ashok stupas. Accused of plagiarising a Doggystyle circuit, Hare Supersuction at least managed to keep runners and walkers together. Click here to see the 13.3km route mapped by GPS.

1632 23 January 2010 The ridge before Chobhar quarries
- Doggy Style saved the day by setting an impromptu run around the Chobhar hill-Kirtipur circuit. Click here to see the 8.5 km route mapped by GPS.
1633 30 January 2010

Gundugaon, Bhaktapur
-the GM laid 17 checks and the pack found at least 12. The route led up the forest ridge and down again, then up the hill to the south and down again, then along fairly flat to come up from the west to the OnSite. Click here to see the 10.9 km route mapped by GPS.

1634 6 February 2010

Bramakhel School
The Scholars, at very short notice, set a trail through the dust by the Manohara, and then up towards Changun- arayan, but not all the way. The only remarkable item was the GM performing the fastest Hash Crash in history

1635 13 February 2010

Adhikarigaon, below Kapan Monastery
Where Brainey set a great run, first west and into plotting-land, and then east up to the pine ridge, which was descended with a yoga session along the way, then along near the monastery and home.

1636 20 February 2010 Weatherall's ex-wigwam, Sainbu
Where Vanecock and Hurry set a great jaunt below Bungamati and over to the Nakhu Valley and back along the usual irrigation ditch. Great momo feast afterwards.
1637 27 February 2010 Godavari pines
Very acceptable first haring by Narayan who decided not to lay a trail up the steep steps to the Big Buddha. This did not prevent the pack going there, with the result that Narayan was named False Buddha.
1638 6 March 2010 Kruel's Kottage, Kirtipur
Through the University, over the Bagmati, over the Nakhu, over the Sainbu hill, over the Bagmati, over the top of Kirtipur, back to a barbeque to celebrate Kruel's becoming 37.
1639 13 March 2010 Manamaiju, north of Balaju
- Trouble and the trusty Scholars got a 9.9 for this run around the streambeds, meandering tracks and slopes of the Manamaiju area.
1640 20 March 2010 Saraswatikhel, near the Manohara river
- Set by Keeled Over from a great new on-on spot by the Manohara river with the run looping round from the Manohara flood plain and back along the sandy cliffs and defiles that mark the floodplain's edge.
1641 27 March 2010 Sisneri by the range post
- Neophyte hares Million $ Visa and Dead in the Water made up an enjoyable afternoon jaunt from the Sisneri Valley over and around the ridge to Bishanku Narayan and back.
1642 3 April 2010 Budhanilkantha
- Another fledgling hare - Slimline Dickie - was a bit light on paper in places but the confusion did not detract from a decent first effort around the usual circuit from by the Park Village Hotel
1643 10 April 2010 Tokha
- Hare Richard stood in at the last moment to save the day and indeed everything was last moment and a bit chaotic but it happened all the same. See the course taken by this figure of 8, 7.4 km long run by clicking here.
1644 17 April 2010 Chhampi
Yogi, Apple and Slow Drip mismanaged the afternoon with aplomb.
1645 24 April 2010 The Old Stables, Godavari
- A pleasant bushwacking excursion through the jungles of Phulchowki led by Hoisin, an ailing Spiderwomen and Lance Armstrong
1646 1 May 2010 Bhainsepati heights
Slow Drip, Handcream and MacPole mismanaged the afternoon with a plum.
1647 8 May 2010 Near Bhat Bhateni
- in spite of the six-day bandh being cancelled the previous night, we kept with this urban location which turned out to be a great fun hash via Thamel to Swayambhunath with a beer stop on the way. See the 15km long route by clicking here.
1648 15 May 2010 West of Sitapaila
- on a hot summers day Hole-in-One set led the pack on a refreshing jaunt around the farms and jungles on the hill to the south with Nice Hash taking the walkers.
1649 22 May 2010 Arubari
- Yes it was the Scholars starting from Laos Lover's On-In spot who led the pack on a winding and well-set run which at one point ended up at Uttar Bahini.
1650 5 June 2010 Dhulikhel
- Hole in One and the Scholars set a 3 hour ballbreaker to the east of the Dhulikhel Mountain Resort with a long downhill followed by a great run around the contours and then a long slog back uphill.