Trashes 1651-1675




1651 29 May 2010 Dholahiti
- Brainey set a devious trail that led over to Sano Khokana by the Bagmati and back over to the Nakhu Khola for the last Nakhu Khola run before this valley is destroyed bya new road along the riverbed. See the 14.3 km long route here. Note: the date and hash no. are correct -- what was actually Hash 1650 (at Dholahiti) was called Hash 1651 to enable Hash 1650 to be run on a hash weekend!
1652 6 June 2010
- After the previous day's exertions Keeled Over set a welcome short and picturesque B to A run from the Japanese Road and along the ridge to the south of Dhulikhel and back down to Khawa and Dhulikhel Mountain Resort.See the 5.7km, 288m up, 603m down route here.
1653 12 June 2010 Godavari pines
- False Buddha, honing his hash setting skills, set a great run up to the pine clad hill to the east with a very slippery descent on the dry pine needles and back for a feast of samosa and jelibe.See the 8.3km, 569m up and down route here.
1654 19 June 2010 Chobhar
- On a very hot day Hurry Krishna led the pack around below the Whitehouse Hill and through the the rice fields and settlements to the southeast of the On-In. Happy Clapper stood in for an ailing GM.
1655 26 June 2010 N of Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha
- A pleasant jaunt around the usual track up through the pine forest and back along above Budhanilkantha School. The highlight was neophyte hare Jason throwing up after his down-down, ably assisted by Slimline Dickie.
1656 3 July 2010 Sangha
- A monsoon hash by Yogi Hare on some of the steepest terrain in the valley circumnavigating the biggest Shiva statue in South Asia
1657 10 July 2010 Matatirtha
- The rains held off for this short and sweet hash on the steep slopes above . Hare Moire had been savaged by leeches whilst setting but thankfully the rains held off during this hash and only afew minor leech incursions plus nettle stings and muddy bottoms marked this amble around the slopes above Matatirtha temple. See the 6km long route here.
1658 17 July 2010 Lubhu
- Where virgin hares Mamma's Boy and Stella set a great hash along the tracks to the Kirat Rai temple and back via some great tracks traversing the steep and slippery jungly paths up and over the hillside. See the 10.1 km long route here.
1659 24 July 2010 Near Taudaha Lake
Handcream hared. The run was organised to show a lot of ups and downs on HK's GPS thingie. Click here to view the ups and downs of the 12.8 km long hash.
1660 31 July 2010 beyond the school, Champi
- In which the GM, just back from the UK set a relatively flat tour of the raj kulo below Chhapagaon, across the high supension bridge, up to the piney ridges, and back. Enjoyed by all on a day when the rain stayed away.
1661 7 August 2010 beside SKM Hospital, Salambutar, Sankhu
- In which HeBitch and many other hares, including his brother, laid a wet trail past ploughmen and up to Changunarayan, where the pack slunk furtively past the ticket office to the temple
1662 14 August 2010 big tree just beyond Tinpiple on Kakani road
- One of the strangest HHHH events ever; organised on orienteering principles, the pack struggled with only a sheet of paper and dubious compasses. The GM got totally lost and the monsoon tipped it down
1663 21 August 2010 Chobar Quarry round house
- In which Hares Kruel and Hurry Krishna set a run past the Chobar Temple, up to Taudaha Pond, across the road heading towards Panga, and then a nice kink at the end through Chobar quarry
1664 28 August 2010 Phutung, north of Balaju
- In which the run opened in a torrential downpour and headed west down into wet, muddy paths between paddies before crossing a raging stream, then turned northwards to the edge of the hills before a long but easy on-in back to the OnSite for a dry and sunny circle. Click here to see the 10.2 km long route
1665 3 September 2010 Dhapakhel, above the lake
- In which the all-women hares set a really, really beautiful run with lots of nice pink scented paper laid in hearts and flowers. The pack skipped and danced and everyone hugged and kissed and there was peace. See the 9.4 km route here.
1666 11 September 2010 Brahmakhel School
- In which The Scholars took us east along the Manohara shore, up to the Salambutar tree, and back west along and to the north of the Sankhu road. Intense discussion later about the current huge number of OAP participants
1667 18 September 2010 South-east of Buddhanilkantha
- Who and what?
1668 25 September Sundarijal Beach
- This debacle of a hash was mismanaged by the Fat Cat Rappers with some pretty ropey paper laying and yexpensive but well-designed T shirts.
1669 2 October Dholahiti
- Keeled Over set a long and tough run around the precincts of the Nakhu Khola with the usual finish via Bal Kumari temple. Chris led the walkers. Click here to see the12.2 km long route.
1670 9 October West of Sitapaila
- Hole in One and Nice Hash promised and delivered a not too steep and not too long outing around the forest paths of the Sitapaila valley
1671 16 October Bhainsepatti
- A turnout of about 15 for this mid-Dasain hash hared by Million$Visa and Hurry Krishna.
1672 23 October Arubaari
- The Scholars were drafted in at the last minute and set the usual Laos Lover run the wrong way around with the usual last pipal tree check as Check 1. Click here to see the10.3 km long route.
1673 30 October Narayan Taar, just south of Changunarayan
- In which the visiting Scandie Hoolies indentified at great new OnSite and set a trail through a lot of virgin hash territory on the south side of the Changunaryan ridge.
1674 6 November Godavari Pines
- in which the Hare set a slight variation of his last run, this time rather longer and a bit flatter, contouring around above the Godavari settlement. Great mirth in the circle when Trouble reported he'd lost his car keys.
1675 13 November south-east of Suryabinayak
- a Slimline Dickie orienteering special taking a route which criss-crossed the forested ridge south of Suryabinayak temple