HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1682 1 January 2011
Location north boundary of Park Village Resort Hares Trouble, assisted by Rabi
Hashers 19, of whom 4 paid for beer Hashit Yogi Hare
Trash Rotter Trashflash Rotter, etc.
Remarkables returnees: Neil 'Weedeater' Biggadike, Lynda 'No Meat' Sharp, Kumudini 'MudLark' Shrestha. Arhant Shrestha, Riva and Apoorva Thapa leavers: Hole-in-one and Nice Hash effect on the GM's Pension fund: Rs 5,355 LOSS
The Pictures The Words

The temple by the river that we always seem to arrive at

Walkers Hare Rabi and Running Trouble

Returnees under the GM's direction

Hole-in-one and Nice Hash dream of Thai beaches (her) and Thai bunkers (him)

KuMUDini the Mudlark

Heh heh!

It was a reduced bunch that gathered on a cold, windy, but sunny New Year's Day. No doubt the notable hash piss-artists had not yet dragged themselves into bed, let alone getting out of one.

Our Hare was Trouble. The pack wondered what they were in for as he was obviously in a bit of trouble, having for perhaps first time, not been able to obtain A Scholar to help him. News was that Ritesh Scholar was doing 50k in Pokhara. Keeled Over was in Pokhara for the same reason, but ducked out of performing as the start was at 5:30 in the morning. Or so he told me.

First paper took us down south until, after a bit of searching, a turn west over the Bishnumati Khola. Then we sort-of contoured around west taking in a holding check which Trouble insisted was a fantastic place to have one. Paper was again hard to find (as of course it should be on a REAL hash) but eventually Doggy Style and Yogi Hare hit the front and guided us to another holding check in a place which Trouble would of course like me to describe as sensational, but in actual fact was just another bit of sitcky-uppy (where the headline photo was taken).

The GM found paper out of the holding, going down the west side of that incredible, breath-taking, hill. What a hare. What a GM. And we're both architects! No wonder this run was the aesthetic experience of a lifetime.

As rather expected the trail turned north and up, then back east, following a recently dug road before heading into open pine forest. The FRBs were foxed at one point, spending many minutes down a false trail with no 'X' which the hare insisted was kids' paper. We continued to the temple by the Bishnumati, then up across the bridge to find more . . . . nothing. Nothing. There was no paper. The pack came apart as everyone sought their own routes back to the OnSite, and were on the whole successful.

During our absence from the OnSite the south-west breeze had strengthened. You should have seen the rush for a grope when the GM shouted 'wanking permitted'. And seen the relief when the Land Rover was positioned to shelter the circle. Would have been even more effective if it didn't have so many holes in the bodywork.

Trouble was given great thanks and a 9.9 for a run which all agreed was better set by him alone.

We welcomed back Weedeater and No Meat from, if I remember correctly, the Bangkok Monday Hash. I COULD NOT BELEIVE IT when Weedeater reported that in Thailand there was intense competition to get elected as GM of a Hash! Send all the aspirants here and relieve me of one of the worst mismanagement jobs in the world. Please. Please.

Leavers Hole-in-one and Nice Hash were down-downed for escapist behaviour: leaving Kathmandu for the warmth of the beaches and nineteenth holes in Thailand.

The wind had distorted the GM's lips, forcing him to splutter 'kmud' when calling returnee Kumudini into the centre. It was then only natural that she received the Hash name Mudlark.

The cold had driven Yogi Hare to pull on his motorcycle under-helmet in the circle. The deluded super-being was instantly awarded the Hashit.

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