HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1683 8 January 2011
Location next to the Ward Office, Gamcha Hares Yogi Hare and Apple
Hashers 33, of whom 10 paid for beer Hashit George
Trash Neil Trashflash Rotter, Navin
Remarkables virgins:Heikke and Wili Hamalainen, Priyanka and Liam Landoli, Andreas Lehnert, Kamal Pariyar newcomers: Isaac Duderstadt, Steve Williamson returnees: Abigya, Erik Mercado, Darsi Myers, Kruel leavers: The Hamalainens
The Pictures The Words

Hares Yogi Hare and Apple who set a tough but enjoyable run taking us north and up the Shivapuri hill . . . then back down again. Well worth 9.9.

Virgins Andreas, Heikke, and Wili

Newcomers Steve and Isaac

One of these is Darsi

Pokhara 50km runners: Kimmo (8hr40min) and Ritesh (6hr31min). Spiderwoman was also competing but we have no news yet of whether she's got to the finish.

Fat Bitch! Even though she came up with her hash name herself.

George gets the Hashit for catching the GM's eye just at the wrong moment

As I reluctantly relinquished my extra 100 rupees to the taxi driver, and stumbled 10 minutes late into the on in I took a moment to reflect on my hash history. I've been coming to these things for more than a year now. Why don't I know anyone's name yet? Why do I keep arriving in a taxi? Why
do I have this computer with me? These questions and more were quickly put aside for more pressing concerns.

A braided white haired man was asking me something...

"Coke or beer?..."

I hesitated... What was his name? ...


"Coke," I stammered."

"We don't have that yet, you'll have to get beer."

"Well... I..."

"Don't worry, We'll get some during the run."

Apparently he was joking. Always a second too late on those. Never mind. Time to zip off the lower half of my touristy pants and... everyone was suddenly running. Ah, this was good... Running through the paddies the winter sun on my back. Why hadn't I come in so many weeks? It's a wonder I'm still in shape to do this.

A familiar looking young woman was making eye contact with me. Damn, what's her name? I have to say something.

"Hi, how've you been?" I offered confidently.

"I'm good, how are you?" she replied.

YES! she doesn't remember my name either.

"Have you been coming here much?"

"No, not nearly enough. How about you."

"I haven't been in 3 weeks, and last time was walking. I'm so out of
Success in social interaction! On On!

And I was running again. Through the paddies, over the river crossing, alongside that woman from last time and her fat little dog. Up the hill.... And I was walking.... and walking... and walking some more. Wait, I'm REALLY not in shape anymore. I'm so tired. Sweet merciful crap I'm last! Where's the paper, I'm too tired to navigate. It's ok, I can just walk after these two girls, they know where to go.

"Hey have you seen any paper recently?"

DAMN! 5 minutes uphill the wrong way. Why didn't I bring any water? Christ! now they are walking faster than I can. I can't see them anymore. It's to steep, I'm slipping, I'm alone! Where's the paper? This was a mistake!

I should have walked. I could have been talking to that girl that DoggyStyle brought this whole time. What will I do? What will she think when I come in 20 minutes behind everyone? My first hash this happened and I had to dump a whole beer on my head....

But before I gave in to despair, the reassuring cries of "On On" rang in the distance. The girls I was following became visible on the opposite ridge, and I walked into the holding check not too far after them. The checking was already started, but most had gone up hill the wrong way. I made it down hill to the next check, just as they all caught up with me, and DoggyStyle said "Alright everyone, lets go home!"

At least I remembered his name.

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