HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1695 2 April 2011
Location north of Naikap Hares Handcream and Sanjiv
Hashers 38, of whom 17 paid for beer Hashit Big Pits
Trash Handcream Trashflash Rotter, Doggystyle
Remarkables virgins: Adele Morreale, Chriss Schloemer, Nadia Pfeiffer, Dipak Shrestha newcomers: David Lee returnees: Francies, Stains the Couch visitors: Thomas Gronnebaek, Michael Jensen, Jesper Honnicke
A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

As I arrived 1/2 hour early at the start in Thapagaon, about 2km West of Kalanki, already about 10 people were there at the starting point. One complained about the directions because the road turns were not marked with paper. Of course not, this was going to be a live hare! So I just live-marked the turns as well.

At around 3:15pm Handcream (myself), the hare, set off running North West. Luckily the late start had provided an opportunity to set earlier two false trails from the first check. Running like I was chased by a pack of rabid dogs I missed my first planned turn off, but after about 200m managed to turn back on my original trail along the rice paddies. Although I promised not to put down any hash holds, just after 1km, I succumbed to my fear and put down a hash hold (cheat! - GM) at a small grass field overlooking the valley. That will slow them down, ha, ha.

Fast forward: about 1.5 hr later, just 500m before the end, while I was leisurely putting down copious amounts of paper, I suddenly heard a cry ON ON ! behind me. With a sudden electric jolt I felt a final surge of adrenaline and I sped forward, running like hell towards the ON-IN; I was not going to be caught just before the end! Some 5mins after I finished, Blowhard and Lily the Pink arrived with their son; they went for a walk and as they spotted me near the end, shouted ON ON.

About 15mins later, Hole-in-One arrived, from totally the wrong direction. About 1 or 2kms before the end he lost trail, yet again, and decided to turn around and run back. Agreed; by yourself, this trail was pretty hard to solve because at a lot of trail intersections I waited around 50m before putting down the first paper. In the circle the GM loudly complained every damn intersection was a check; which might be a tad too close to the truth. Anyway, live haring is primarily about judging the FRBs speed, skill, team-work and short-cutting-luck, compared with your own (lack of) speed and (abundant) fear. This time fear ruled. Trouble was the first genuine FRB to get at the ON-IN, 25mins after I finished, then 5mins later the GM arrived with most of the pack.

At the circle, while we waited patiently for the GM to finish his usual rant, Joss 'Buterazzi' Habens, finally lost her patience and stepped in to take control; all right, visitors, who are you and who made you cum?!. It was Thomas Gronnebaek, Michael Jensen, Jesper Honnicke, young tourist bums from Copenhagen, who ran with the GM and claimed; This trail was like 16 Kilometers!. In reality it was 7.7km (for the hare, see trail here), but as novices they didnt know its not necessary at each

intersection to run in every cardinal direction, like our GM. Little did they know that usually our GM is spot-on the trail, keenly following his little spaniel. However this time, without Bessie, he was just as lost as they were.

And the circle started:

Hares. Conclusion, trail: 4.9, a bit short of the usual 9.9! (I seem to remember raising it by 5 before the hares quaffed - GM)

Stains the Couch, a returnee from Tallinn, brought us some wonderful rum-liquor from Estonia. He was forced to do a beer-rum-liquor down-down. But not before educating the Himalayan hashers with a new down-down song:

How WOULD - You LIKE - My finger up your ASS !
How WOULD - You LIKE - My finger up your ASS !
(see photo!)
Oh no, no f**king likely,
no f**king likely, no f**king lii-iii-iiiekely
Drink it down down down down, down down down!

Then Hurry Krishna was called, because he had endured 400 hash runs, and still lived to tell the tale.

Stains the Couch was asked to entertain us yet again with a new song. People cringed, as to what verbal abuse they would now be subjected to. It was short, but good:

This is your down down song
It is not very long
Drink it down down down down, down down down!

Rosalyn, a Dutch girl who was here for her 3rd or 4th hash, was loudly shouting Yeaah, VSO, VSO!, every time a VSO volunteer got called in the circle, uttered a word or simply passed out on the side. This attracted a little too much attention. So she was called in the circle and broke out in cold sweat. A naming round started: She's big, she ran, was sweaty, has perhaps sweaty pits?? Big Pits? And Big Pits she was named and will be called from here-on! I totally forgot who received the hashit this time. (it was Big Pits! - GM)

Some minutes after the naming, Big Pits' colleague David, from Yeaaah, VSO, VSO!, was suddenly overcome by the heat or joy, or boredom, beer, lack of water, or a combination of all of these, and passed out. This kind of put a damper on the circle. While he was quickly rushed off to a nearby house for a splash of water, (surely the local water will soon finish him off? - GM) the circle ended with socializing and figuring out our rides home.

On on,

More Photos
1695 friendly christian

Dead-in-the-Water can't keep his hands off the local talent

1695 virgins


1695 jack mystified

What did the incoherent GM just garble?

1695 hares

Hares Handcream and Sanjiv

1695 newcomer and visitor

Newcomer (or perhaps Overcomer) David and one of the visitors sent by Rodent

1695 sirish with large camera

Sirish has a big boy in her hands! (son Sid also seen in the background)

1695 handcream and stc singing

Handcream and Stains the Couch canvass finger preference

1695 hurry k tries to drink

What, after 400 runs has Hurry K still not developed beer tolerance?

1695 big pits

Rosalyn giving a good view of the reason for her new hash name


1695 hurry k tries to drink

What, after 400 runs has Hurry K still not developed beer tolerance?

1695 big pits

Rosalyn giving a good view of the reason for her new hash name