HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1696 9 April 2011
1696 going up shivapuri
Location Gamcha Hares Yogi Hare, Shiva B
Hashers 28, of whom 11 paid for beer Hashit Yogi Hare
Trash Dead-in-the-Water Trashflash Rotter

virgins: Anne Murstad, Kan Murakami, Ruth Clark visitors: Sebastian Stiff returnees: Shiva Bhandari, Kate Clendon, DoMeSueMe, Taka Koizumi leavers Streamline Dicky

A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

An unpleasant bushwacking excursion through the mountain jungles of Gamcha led by Yogi (the sadist) Hare.

Gamcha is located approximately 15 kilometers from Kathmandu yet few outdoor enthusiasts flock here to enjoy the breathtaking views and beautiful landscapes. It is known for….er nothing save an organic farm. Yes that’s right an organic farm. American Judith Chase started Gamcha Farm in 1987. Chase came to Nepal in 1976 to study the functional art of native artists. She and her husband, Jim, moved to the farm in the Kathmandu Valley in 1987 wanting to escape life in the city for something resembling the rural households Chase had observed in the hills of Nepal.

Chase and her staff planted all of the varieties of vegetables grown by the Nepalese farmers and experimented with any other seeds she could find. A friend arrived from Italy bringing seeds for fennel, brussels sprouts, globe artichokes, varieties of lettuces, arugula, and leeks, none of which were grown in Nepal. With plenty of land and talented gardeners to work with her, Chase planted every available space. Friends soon learned of the abundance of produce being grown on the farm, and before long, Mike Frame of Mike’s Breakfast, a restaurant popular with foreign tourists and residents, came to see what was happening. Frame offered to buy any surplus of artichokes, lettuces, and other vegetables for his restaurant and offered Chase a space for a weekly farmers’ market. Ah, come on Dead, cut to the chase (heh, heh) and LETS HAVE A BIT ABOUT THE RUN - GM

But then again who really cares. Anyway, little did the happy hashers know what was to unfold that dark day. But back to the beginning of our tale/trash…..

The GM, as usual meeted and greeted the assembled throng and introduced the hares – warning the assembled throng of bad things to come! He then did an overview of the hash rules to the virgins. Then the hash was on! Well one hesitates to call it a hash – perhaps a torture

routine or say a jog from hell. The hares went directly towards the mountain and had the hashers scramble up for what seemed to be hours up a god- forsaken goat path filled with prickly bushes and hard scrabble. At the first holding not only was the GM complaining about the lack of paper and the torturous route but so too did others especially $m Visa and even fair Bessy. Streamline Dicky, whose last hash this was, happily ran up and down the hill looking for the arrant missing paper along with a few other hearty hashers. And up and up the happy hashers continued. Up, up, up, up, up and up, up, up, up and up, up, up, up and up, up, up, up and up, up, up, up and - you get the picture.

Up scrabbled Trouble, The Scholars, DoggyStyle and Hole-in-One all complaining non-stop about the uphill torture until we all got to the top of a ridge and found we were facing MORE uphill! Even Lao Lover and Happy Clappy started to complain. Up and up continued the happy campers until we lost paper, the hare and Auntie BBC and his son. When Yogi eventually showed up he too was still lost – oh what a glorious day it was!

At the two hour mark the unhappy group had still not reached the summit – “5 minutes more – really!” was the cheery refrain from Yogi to the groans/fury of the hashers. Finally at about two and a half hours into the run it was time for Chang!!!! Actually the chang stop was wonderful, the chang was excellent and the views, chura, potato and achar was to die for! As we started off again with bloated stomachs from all the chang, chura, potato and achar many hashers believed they were going to die!

We finally reached the summit and then hashers split up and searched for the most direct way back. Most got back to the on on site about three hours after leaving it. A special down down was held for leaver Streamline Dicky and Yogi got the Hashit. A well earned one at that.

The end.

More Photos
1696 bessy in a canyon

Oh dear, Bessy has fallen down a deep hole. Ritesh Scholar climbed down and hoisted her up.

1696 rest at holding check

The monsooon has not started yet, nevertheless the Hash had arranged for Kan (on the right) to look after us. His t-shirt is inscribed: 'Marine Rescue'

1696 virgins

Virgins Anna, Kan, and Ruth

1696 returnees


1696 hashit

Hare Hashitted